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Hoppers Found Something To Buzz About…

I had pinned this series “The Battle Of The Bugs.”  This series is between the Augusta Greenjackets and the Greensboro Grasshoppers.  With all the buzz about today’s game, I made it out there hoping to see a stinger of a game.  And that’s what I got. It was a very low scoring defensive affair.  Lee Clark and Josh Royster, two of my friends at the ballpark, did the between inning Sumo Wrestling match.  It was a tough match, but Josh won all three rounds to come out victorious!  I got to looking around during the match and realized the day game crowds are much different than at night.  The crowd today of 4,051 was mostly compiled of Senior Citizens and School Children/Day Cares.  I saw a group of Seniors posing for a photo with Guilford the Grasshopper.  They looked to be having a great time.  Which got me to thinking… Is it the day game “BASEBALL BINGO” they were coming for?  Because I know my grandma really loves her Bingo games.  That could be.  Whichever the case may be, it is great to see children of all ages, young and old enjoying America’s greatest pastime.

Sumo Wrestling between innings is always a fan favorite. Photo credit: Jordan Stowe

Sumo Wrestling between innings is always a fan favorite.
Photo credit: Jordan Stowe

On to the game… I was sitting up in the Papa John’s K Zone for most of the game with Lee Clark. Lee as you may remember was one of the SuperFans we highlighted earlier in the season.  He is a great guy, as well as being avid fan of the Hoppers.  While out there I saw a cruise missile of a ball hit to the far left field wall. Cody Keefer doubled on that line drive to Rafael Rodriguez. Matt Juengel would score on that play.  That made the game 1-0.  Viosergy Rosa came to the plate that same inning and smashed a Home Run off the Marriott Hotel in Downtown.  That home run made number 11 for Rosa on the year.  The score was then 2-0 heading into the fourth inning.  Then Mitchell Delfino hit a home run for the Greenjackets making the score 2-1.  The Hoppers would make the defensive stand to go on to win, 2-1.  The Hoppers are currently 27-30 on the season and in fourth place in the Northern Division.  Games one and two of this three game homestand, The Battle Of The Bugs, go to the Greensboro Grasshoppers.  The Hoppers look to sweep the series tomorrow night in Greensboro.  The first pitch will be slung at 7:00pm.  Till next time… IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!

For all the details, check out the full recap and box score of today’s game.  And also don’t forget that since the Hoppers recorded 5 Strikeouts today, you can go to PAPAJOHN’S.com and order Pizza 50% off using promo code: HOPPERS. Please stop in and check out our friend Bill Hass, as he does the official “BILL ON BASEBALL” blog for the Grasshoppers.



Pictures From Last Game Against Augusta (8/17/2011)

OK, with an eight game home stand starting tonight, I realize that I’m simply not going to get around to writing up a review of last Wednesday’s day game for the Greensboro Grasshoppers vs. the Augusta GreenJackets. The GreenJackets won in an enjoyable game to watch. I’d love to see these teams battle again in the post-season for the championship. Augusta’s on a good track to make it there. Greensboro has a lot of work to do.

I did take lots of pictures, which are all on the Facebook photo album. But I’d like to go ahead and share one picture here, of Wilfredo Giminez getting ready to take a pitch.

Wilfredo Giminez Waits For A Pitch

Looking forward to the next string of games. The season’s almost over, so every game needs to count. For a good breakdown of what the Hoppers need to do to make some postseason dreams happen, check out the latest Bill on Baseball blog entry: Big push needed in final homestand.

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Hanging With The Bus Driver

Yeah, I know I owe the blog a post from Wednesday’s day game. Short version: Hoppers lost. I’ll get a few pictures and my write-up posted soon. Check out Bill on Baseball: On to Lakewood in the mean time.

Enjoy this picture that Hoppers Fan photo corespondent Eli took. Left to right: me, Bill (the bus driver for Augusta), Patrick (Eli’s dad), Todd (friendly Grasshopper employee). Five year old Eli captured the moment.

Hanging With The Bus Driver

Here’s what Patrick had to say about the picture:

I know, why do you want a picture with the bus driver?  I don’t know, just thought it would be something different.  Besides, he drives a bus with “Abbott” on the side, and for a baseball team at that.  Just wanted to share this brief moment Sunday, a time none of us will ever forget, seen through the eyes of a 5 yr old….  And Todd, thanks for humoring me.  I’ve always said you guys go above and beyond for the fans.

Thanks for sending the picture my way, Patrick and Eli. I think it’s cool.

I ended up having a great chat with Bill before the game. Turns out in addition to currently driving the bus for Augusta, he used to drive the bus for Greensboro. I saw him at the ballpark every day for the series against Augusta and we watched several of the games together. He’s a great guy to watch a game with, and I’m glad to have met him. It would be nice I got to see him again in September.

Speaking of September, the Hoppers still have a chance at the playoffs, but it continues to be tough. So far, they’re 1-2 for the series at Lakewood, so the best we can hope for is a split if they win tomorrow’s game. They are going to have to work hard when they get back to Greensboro if they want to play in the postseason.

Hoppers Deliver A Spanking To The GreenJackets (8/16/2011)

The Greensboro Grasshoppers beat the Augusta GreenJackets by such a wide margin (13-2) tonight that it’s almost embarrassing to talk about. Except for Danny Black, every Hoppers starting position player scored at least one run. Kyle Winters appeared to have an off night for his latest start after recently coming off the DL (he pitched three and two-thirds innings and didn’t get the win), but James Leverton’s relief pitching was good enough to easily carry throughout the rest of the game. Combined with both poor pitching and poor offense from the GreenJackets, the Hoppers came away from this game with an easy win. Check out the official box score and game recap for the details. There’s also a nice story from the GreenJackets perspective of the game: GreenJackets Held to Five Hits in 13-2 Setback. As of my writing this, Bill Hass hasn’t posted a story about tonight’s game on the Bill on Baseball blog, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that he’ll have some great insight from the players with their thoughts of how the game went down. Update: Bill’s blog entry about the game is up now: How to respond to a buzzing. He focuses on Perio’s two home runs, and includes thoughts from Perio about his performance.

I don’t have a whole lot in the way of pictures from this game, but here’s a shot of the latest GreenJackets pitcher to have the Hello Kitty backpack, Seth Rosin:

GreenJackets Pitcher Seth Rosin With The Hello Kitty Backpack

One of the autograph-seeking kids asked why he had a pink backpack and Seth’s response was it was because he gave up a homer (to Marcell Ozuna) in last night’s game. I wonder who will be wearing the backpack tomorrow. If they had enough backpacks, I’d make all four of tonight’s pitchers wear one.

Check out the Facebook photo album for the rest of the pictures I took tonight, including some pitching sequences of both Kyle Winters and James Leverton.

Offensively, the Hoppers looked great tonight. Like I mentioned earlier, everyone except Danny Black got to score: Noah Perio (x2), Marcell Ozuna, Christian Yelich (x2), Mark Canha (x2), Jacob Realmuto (x3), Wilfredo Giminez, Ryan Fisher, and Isaac Galloway. Four of those runs were homers — Noah Perio (x2), Mark Canha, and Jacob Realmuto. It was really impressive to watch Noah hit back-to-back homers in the third and fourth innings. I think they awarded him “Player Of The Game” for tonight based on his performance.

The Hoppers were aided in their win tonight by the fact that the GreenJackets just kind of fell apart. Going into the fourth inning, the game was tied 1-1. When Jacob Realmuto came to the plate as the second batter of the inning, the momentum dramatically shifted to the Hoppers’ favor. Realmuto reached base on an an error (charged to the first baseman) and ended up being the first of five runs scored that inning. I’m not even sure how many of those runs count as earned and how many count as unearned. But when that error occurred, I commented to a friend sitting next to me that it might turn out to be an extremely expensive error. I believe that it was. While the GreenJackets were able to score a second run in the sixth, they never really posed much of an offensive or defensive threat after committing that error. There were several times during the game when the Hoppers could have pressed for a greater advantage, but the unwritten rules of baseball kept them playing conservatively.

I’m glad to have the win in our column, but especially after the tense battle of yesterday’s game, it just doesn’t seem right to revel in tonight’s victory too much. We’ll see how tomorrow goes and if we can take the series or end up splitting it with the GreenJackets. This has been a really enjoyable series, and I’d love to see these two teams meet on the diamond again for the SAL championship title. Tonight’s win puts us four and a half games out of first — we gained a game since yesterday. So we’re inching our way up the ladder, staying in contention. If we keep this up, it’s going to go right down to the wire, and make for a very exciting end of the season.

Here’s how I had the game. Check out the impressive bottom of the fourth, and all the runs that were scored.

8/16/2011 Scorecard: Greensboro (13) v Augusta (2)

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GreenJackets Halt Hoppers Winning Streak (8/15/2011)

With tonight’s loss to the Augusta GreenJackets, the Greensboro Grasshoppers lose the momentum they’ve been gathering over their six game winning streak. Check out the official box score and game recap for the details. Bill on Baseball sums it up in his latest blog post: Winning streak ends. Here’s my quick recap. The only Hoppers runs came in from Marcell Ozuna: having reached on a double in the sixth and a solo homer in the eighth. Reviewing my scorecard, nothing else offensively jumps out at me as notable. The GreenJackets had a solo homer of their own. Their other two runs came from base runners who reached on a single. Their third run was especially disheartening for Hoppers fans, as it scored via a passed ball. And it turns out to have been the difference in the game.

That’s all I have to say about the game itself. Let’s look at some pictures. How about a series showing Christian Yelich hitting a double in the sixth?

Christian Yelich Doubles in the Sixth

The pictures I took of pitching didn’t come out good enough to include in the blog, but they’re on the Facebook album if you really want to see them.

Funniest picture of the day? GreenJackets reliever Mario Rodriguez leaving the tunnel before the game:

Mario "Hello Kitty" Rodriguez

I think he got the “honor” of carrying the Hello Kitty backpack because prior to today’s game, he’s the last GreenJackets pitcher to give up a hit. He seemed to take the kidding about it in good stride.

As far as the possible playoff spot goes, tonight’s loss certainly doesn’t help. The Hoppers are currently in fourth, five and a half games out of first. The Hoppers need to win as many games as possible, especially since Kannapolis keeps winning and are currently holding on to the top spot in the division. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Here’s how I had the game:

8/15/2011 Scorecard: Greensboro (2) vs Augusta (3)

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Winning streak ends

Hoppers Extend Their Winning Streak (8/14/2011)

Yesterday’s Greensboro Grasshoppers win against the Augusta GreenJackets extends the Hoppers winning streak to six wins and inches the team that much closer to being in contention for a playoff spot at the end of the season. Check out the box score and game recap for all the official details.

Sunday afternoon day games mean no batting practice on the field, but I showed up early anyway to see what was going on. Several players from both teams were stretching and throwing, and if you look closely in the following picture, you can see the team chaplains from Baseball Chapel leading chapel service in the home team dugout. They’re the guys in the light blue shirts:

Pre-game Warmup

While waiting for the gates to open, I ran into the bus driver for the GreenJackets. Turns out he used to drive the bus for Greensboro, too. While I was chatting with him, we were joined by my buddies Patrick and his son Eli, who occasionally contributes photos for the blog here. The bus driver was telling us about the team’s trip down here from Lexington, riding with storms the whole time. They ended up getting into town about five in the morning. I joked that I hoped that meant they weren’t well-rested and our team would be able to take advantage of that. As it turns out, maybe that did play into our getting the win.

So how did the game go? In a word, weird. I don’t want to steal Bill Hass’ thunder from his latest blog post since you should be reading his blog, too, so here are the highlights he noted: an outfielder lost a glove attempting to catch a home run, four strikeouts in one inning, tripping for a balk, and turning a blown save into a win. Read all the details for that weirdness and more in his latest blog entry: Just stick it in the W column. And check out my scorecard below to see how the four strikeout inning went down.

I was worried about the game being a difficult one for several reasons. The Hoppers haven’t played against the GreenJackets yet this season and really didn’t know what to expect. (The Hoppers and GreenJackets are in different divisions in the league and don’t meet each other as much as teams in the same league do.) Looking at their stats, I knew the GreenJackets are good. They are very much in contention for the second half title in their division. The Hoppers were hot against Lakewood, but I wasn’t sure it was going to last. In our favor, we were starting Robert Morey, who threw a complete game shutout earlier in the season. The GreenJackets starting pitcher was one of their best, so I was ready for a tense pitcher’s dual to unfold. Instead, I saw six home runs (three on each side of the scorecard). Morey pitched for five and a third innings and was winning when he left the mound. He was replaced by Kenneth Toves, who only pitched for the final two-thirds of the sixth inning. In those two outs, he managed to blow the save on his first pitch when the GreenJackets batter homered off of him, tying the score at five. The Hoppers responded in the bottom of the sixth with four runs of their own, and even though Miguel Mejia took the mound in the seventh, since Toves was the pitcher of record when the Hoppers scored all those runs, he gets credited with the win. Mejia pitched for an inning and a third, being replaced by Grant Dayton in the eighth, who picked up the save. A dropped third strike in the ninth where the runner got on base allowed the weirdness that had Dayton record four strikeouts in that inning.

Want to see Robert Morey pitching? I thought you did:

Robert Morey Pitching

Robert Morey Pitching

Offensively, I saw the most beautiful bunt I’ve ever seen. In the sixth, with runners on first and second, Ryan Fisher laid down a bunt that slowly trickled down the third baseline, going slow enough to become obvious that it wasn’t going to roll foul. The third baseman sprinted to the ball, but wasn’t able to get it in enough time to make the throw to first. Instead of sacrificing, like the intent was, Fisher found himself with a hit that put him on first and loaded the bases. All three of those base runners ended up scoring: Christian Yelich and Mark Canha when Danny Black singled two batters later, and Fisher when James Wooster singled after Black. The bottom of the sixth inning infused exactly the energy the Hoppers needed to finish strong. The GreenJackets managed one more run in the eighth. I completely blame that run on the Hoppers pitching. The batter singled, but advanced to second on a wild pitch, third on a balk, and home on another wild pitch. But it wasn’t enough to rally the GreenJackets to a win, and the Hoppers went back to the locker room victorious for the sixth straight game.

Want to see what it looks like when James Wooster hits an RBI single? I thought you did. I put my camera on “continuous mode” and snapped this series of pictures when he singled in the sixth.

James Wooster's RBI Single

Here’s how I had the game scored. Especially check out the top of the ninth, with the four strikeouts:

8/14/2011 Scorecard: Greensboro (9) v Augusta (6)

As has been my custom lately, as soon as I got in the park, I headed over to the third base tunnel (pictured above) to hang out for autographs. It was a successful venture, as I was able to get both GreenJackets players who are featured in the SAL All-Star pack to sign their cards. I also picked up Cody Clark’s autograph. He’s the strength and conditioning coach for the Hoppers. Additionally, I got Steve Kline to autograph a baseball. Kline is a former major-league relief pitcher and is now working as the pitching coach for the GreenJackets. Here are the autographs I got, including hitting coach Kevin Randall’s, whose autograph I got the previous day.

Autographs: Kevin Randall, Cody Clark, Seth Rosin, and Rafael Rodriguez

Steve Kline Autograph

It was a great game, and one thing made it even more thrilling for me. Earlier in the week, I received a nice email from Bill Hass thanking me for linking to his blog. He mentioned that he’d try to give me a shout out on the radio when he was in the booth with Andy Durham on Sunday’s game. I had been listening to the radio broadcast off and on during the game, but that’s pretty hard to do at the ballpark, especially when all my awesome friends kept dropping by to say “hi” and watch some of the game with me. So I didn’t hear a shout-out during the game, but as soon as I got in my car and was listening to the post-game broadcast, they started talking about both Bill’s blog and my blog. It was really, really, really cool to hear them tell their listeners to go check out “Greg Cohoon’s Hoppers Fan blog” as well as the “Bill on Baseball” blog. I’ve gotten to know a bunch of people at the park over the past couple of years, but I’m not officially associated with the team. This is just a fan blog, written by an obsessed fan. To be mentioned alongside Bill Hass’ official Hoppers blog is quite an honor and I really appreciate it. Thanks, guys!

So, seriously, if you’re not already reading Bill on Baseball as well as my blog, what is the matter with you? 😉

With the way things are going, the end of the season is going to look interesting for several teams jockeying for a playoff spot. At this point, the best thing for the Hoppers to do is keep winning and see where everything else falls out. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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GSO v AUG – April 9, 2010

Tonight, I got to see a game and a half of baseball. Since yesterday’s game was suspended, they finished it up today before playing today’s (shortened to 7 innings) game. My wife and I got to the park at 5:30, just as the suspended game was resuming. We settled in to watch that game in the sun on the concourse in right field since it was fairly chilly. It was neat to see that, from a playing and scoring perspective, they really did just pick up right where they left off yesterday, in the top of the 5th. They went ahead and finished out a full nine innings. Augusta won 7-3. The Hoppers scored all three of their runs in the 6th inning and were fairly unimpressive the rest of the game, with the exception of turning a nice double play in the 7th.

After finishing yesterday’s game, they took about a 30 minute break to reset the field for tonight’s game. Even after all the rain we had yesterday, they needed to wet down the filed again today:


Spaz Leads The YMCAFor the 2nd game, we settled into our assigned seats in Section 104. Before getting to details of the game, here’s the important scoring information I’m sure everyone is waiting for: “Hot Sausage” won the race in one of the between-inning activities and “Red” won the Sumo Wrestling match in one of the other activities. I’ll try to keep track of who wins these competitions for the rest of the season, if I remember. Spaz did a great job keeping the between-energy pretty high. He’s pictured on the left leading everyone in the YMCA dance.

The 2nd game was pretty enjoyable, until the 7th inning, when Augusta scored 3 points and moved to a 4-1 lead. When the Hoppers took the 7th inning, they were greeted by relief pitcher Jason Jarvis (32), who I was really beginning to like — he kept throwing balls. The Hoppers managed to score another run, for which I also credit Jarvis. He threw a ball that hit 3rd baseman Taylor Krick, who then stole second base. Krick made it to third off of Chad Cregar’s hit, and then was able to make it home on what I think was either a passed ball or wild pitch. Unfortunately, that was the only run the Hoppers scored in that inning, so they ended up losing 5-2.

Here are my scoresheets (click to enbiggen):

GSO v AUG (4/9/2010, Visitor)GSO v AUG (4/9/2010, Hoppers)

The relief pitcher for the Hoppers, Sandy Rosario (16), looked real good. He had a tough 7th inning, though. I’m going to keep my eye on him as they play him more this year.

Even though the Hoppers didn’t win, it was still a fun game. And, since it was Friday night, they had fireworks after the game!


All in all, it was a great night. There are a few more photos on Facebook. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, and I’m hoping that the Hoppers can rally for a win.

See ya at the ballpark!