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2013 Baseball Trip-Game 4: Hoppin’ good fun in Greensboro

It’s a shame Jordan and I weren’t able to welcome Mike to Greensboro when he was visiting a few weeks ago, but he wrote about it on his Minoring in Baseball blog. Enjoy his thoughts on the park and the game, and check out the great pictures he got! Also, check out his blog for stories about the othe ballparks he visited while in the area.

Thanks for coming out, Mike! Glad you enjoyed your visit.


See ya at the ballpark!
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Minoring In Baseball

Greensboro Grasshoppers vs. Lakewood BlueClaws (South Atlantic League)

hoppers2NewBridge Bank Park–Greensboro, NC: We had to leave the college game a little early to make sure we made it to Greensboro on time. It was well worth it, too, as NewBridge Bank Park has a beautiful facade, and it gave me a chance to get some nice pics outside the ballpark. We also wanted to be there when the gates opened so we had time to play catch on the field. It’s always a thrill to actually get out there where all of the action takes place! It was fun and relaxing to get out there and have a good game of catch. Also, with all of the travelling, it was good to be active and stretch our legs. After my impressive athletic display, we found our seats and got ready for the game to start. There wasn’t a…

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Hoppers Get Squashed: 10-3



I was a little late arriving to the ballpark, but I was in attendance at tonights game.   As you can see from the image above, so was about half of Greensboro.  Huge turn out at tonights game.  I was in the restroom, and heard the start of “The Harlem Shake.”  I thought to myself what in the world am I about to miss!?  I walked out to the top of section 112, and low and behold, the bat boy and one of the pitchers is down on the field having a dance off!  The bat boy would continue to entertain all night.  He is known for his break dancing skills and performs at sporting events and venues.  He goes by the handle, BBOY McCOY. Check his website out and look for him on YouTube at some of his amazing dance moves.  The Hoppers started out the night HOTT!  Starting with a 3-2 first inning lead.  Again, we had three by the end of one.  Lakewood would then claw their way to another 8 runs to finish the game 10-3.  Click here for a full recap and box score of the game.  Also don’t forget to check out Bill Hass’ blog at “BILL ON BASEBALL.”  If you are unable to be at a game tune in to greensborosports.com and listen to the live audio feed there.



Fireworks Friday!



107.5 KZL was in the stadium tonight giving away t-shirts and prizes

 It was great to be in the ballpark again, after being away for a couple weeks.  It was nice to talk to Don Moore from Greensborosports.com, Derek Hart the Warehouse Manager at the Stadium, Bryan Jones and Robert Stutts from the K -Zone, and Murray White of the Grasshoppers.  It is always great to see you guys.  Thanks for all you do, rather it’s selling tickets, stocking hot dog buns, or just sitting in the stands cheering on my beloved Grasshoppers.  Everything you guys do, adds to the experience at the ballpark.  You guys make this A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!


Brian McCann Rehabs In Greensboro

It’s not often that a Major League player gets a rehab assignment that brings him to Greensboro. I can’t remember the last time a Marlins player ended up on the Hoppers roster. A couple of years ago, first baseman Ryan Howard was rehabbing for for Philadelphia with the Lakewood Blueclaws. In one of his games in Greensboro, he stopped a potential no-no with an RBI double in the sixth. I can’t remember seeing anyone rehabbing in Greensboro since then.

Well, starting this weekend, Brian McCann, the catcher for the Atlanta Braves, is rehabbing  with the Rome Braves. McCann has been on the DL with a shoulder injury. As luck would have it, Rome is playing Greensboro this weekend, so this is an opportunity for the Hoppers fans to see a great major league player in action.

OK, McCann’s not a Hopper, but his brother Brad McCann played in Greensboro in 2005, so we can consider him family, right?

In Friday night’s game, the Braves toppled the Hoppers 10-6 (box | recap), and McCann did his part by launching 2 homers out of the park. Bill on Baseball has the low-down:

“It felt good,” he said.  ”I got some pitches to hit and luckily I didn’t miss them.”

He was most pleased about the way his shoulder felt behind the plate and how fast he got the ball out of his glove and on the way to second base. The Hoppers tested McCann on the basepaths, stealing four bases, and he made two throwing errors. But accuracy is something he said he can iron out.

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Neither Jordan nor I were able to make last night’s game, and we’ll probably miss all of the games against Rome. (Yes, it’s very sad. McCann is my favorite Brave, and I’d love to see him in our small park (I’ve seen him in Atlanta many times!) and have a chance to get his autograph, but other obligations trump baseball this weekend.) So this is the perfect time to enlist the Hoppers Fan Army! If you were at last night’s game, or make it out to any of the games when McCann is playing, we’d love to hear from you! Send us your pictures and/or stories from the game to hoppersfan@gmail.com, and we’ll try to feature them on the blog. We’ve already received a handful of photos from a few fans, so look for those coming up in the next few blog entries.

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Hoppers seize victory thanks to late single, drop Blueclaws 6-4

I love that baseball is back in Greensboro. Tonight was the home opener for the Greensboro Grasshoppers, against the Lakewood Blueclaws, and the Hoppers ended up on top with a 6-4 win. I’m thrilled that I was able to make it out to the park tonight. I’ve got a new scoring app for my Kindle Fire, and it performed pretty awesomely during the game. It even wrote a nice summary after the game was done:

After five lead changes in Thursday’s game at Newbridge Bank Park – Greensboro, NC, Greensboro Grasshoppers finally pulled out a 6-4 win over Lakewood Blueclaws.

The Hoppers finally managed to grab the lead after a strong eighth inning when they scored on an RBI single by Matt Juengel off Jeb Stefan, scoring Jesus Solorzano.

Viosergy Rosa was hot from the plate for the Hoppers. Rosa went 3-4, drove in one and scored one run. He tripled in the third inning and singled in the fifth and eighth innings.

In the top of the first, the Blueclaws grabbed the early lead, 3-0. The Blueclaws caught fire after William Carmona singled. Then Art Charles homered, bringing home Carmona. The Blueclaws then tacked on more runs when Mitch Walding scored on an RBI single by Carlos Tocci.

The eighth spelled defeat for the Blueclaws, however, as the Hoppers grabbed the lead for good. More runners rounded the bases on sacrifice bunt by Cameron Flynn (that failed to collect an out, and due to a fielding error allowed Flynn to advance to second) and a sacrifice fly by Yeison Hernandez.

“Powered by Narrative Science and GameChanger Media. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.” Any reuse or republication of this story must include the preceding attribution.

Pretty cool summary, huh? I tweaked the output of the story a bit to make it flow a little better, but the initial recap that the app provided based on my scoring the game was a really good starting point. I think I’ll continue to use this app when I’m at the ballpark. While you’re thinking about the game summary, check out the official box score and game recap from milb.com.

Sharif Othman is setting up to bunt. Photo Credit: Jordan Stowe

Sharif Othman is setting up to bunt.
Photo Credit: Jordan Stowe

There were a couple of beautiful plays tonight. The first belongs to the Blueclaws, and it was homer in the first inning by Art Charles. The sound of the ball leaving the bat was solid, and I knew it was going far. It easily cleared the net and bounced into Eugene Street and set the Blueclaws up for a 3-0 lead right off the bat. I was afraid that would set the tone for a rough night for Greensboro, but our boys caught up over the course of three innings and the score stayed tied until the eighth. Lakewood pulled ahead with another homer, this one by Brian Pointer. The second beautiful play came in the bottom of the eighth, when Cameron Flynn hit a sacrifice bunt that ended up tying the game — and didn’t collect an out due to a fielding error by second baseman Tyler Greene. Flynn even ended up advancing to second on the error. This set the Hoppers up to pull ahead with two more runs in the inning, and the Blueclaws went down quickly 1-2-3 in the bottom of the ninth to end the game.

I have to give a huge shout-out to Jim Scott, the Hoppers announcer. Before the games, Jim does a great job of entertaining and informing the fans. He doesn’t just read off the line-up cards, but he talks about what we might expect in the game and interacts with the fans directly as they trickle down to their seats. Tonight, he recognized Jordan and me as we were coming in and welcomed us by name. Then he proceeded to tell everyone in the ballpark to check out the Hoppers Fan blog and Facebook Page. Wow! It’s great to get that kind of publicity. We’re truly grateful, Jim.

As always, the Hoppers put on a great family show. Lots of fun between-inning entertainment, like sumo wrestling:

Sumo Wrestling between innings is always a fan favorite. Photo credit: Jordan Stowe

Sumo Wrestling between innings is always a fan favorite.
Photo credit: Jordan Stowe

And after the game, the first fireworks presentation of the year. Before the fireworks started, however, I got my picture taken with the guy who threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Olympic gold medalist and philanthropist Joey Cheek was kind enough to pose for a picture with me after the Hoppers game tonight. He threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Photo credit: Chris Cheek

Olympic gold medalist and philanthropist Joey Cheek was kind enough to pose for a picture with me after the Hoppers game tonight. He threw out the ceremonial first pitch.
Photo credit: Chris Cheek

Yeah, not just some random guy, but Joey Cheek. He’s a very cool guy, having used his celebrity status to bring attention to humanitarian organizations like Team Darfur and Right to Play. His mother is a fixture at the ballpark, and I always enjoy chatting with her when I’m at a game. It was great to meet Joey, and he was very gracious and humble.

All in all, a great time at the ballpark — especially with a Hoppers win. It was so good to see so many of my friends at the ballpark again. Several of you I know are prolific photographers, and I’m hoping you’ll send some of your pictures to use here at Hoppers Fan for inclusion on the blog.

Remember, you can click on any of the pictures in the post to embiggen them. Check out the photo album on Facebook for all the pictures. (BIG thanks to Jordan for taking all the pictures tonight!) Join the conversation by leaving a comment — what are you thinking?


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Mini HopperFan #2 on the way!!!

As you may remember last season, the reason I started writing these blogs was partly due to the fact that Greg and his wife were expecting a baby (#1).  Sweet little Rorie was born during the baseball season last year.  And this offseason, I have some news of my own… My wife and I are EXPECTING!!!  Shanna is 9 weeks and 3 days.  We are very excited and are claiming this as God’s miracle to our little family.  I’ve talked to many people in and around the stadium and of all the questions or comments they could make, the one I hear the most is “HE/SHE IS GONNA BE A HOPPERS FAN, RIGHT?” Of course, my answer is yes!  We went for our first ultrasound about two weeks ago, and to see the heartbeat for the first time and just knowing that a new creation is being formed inside my wife is just simply beautiful! I am already loving every second of it, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this offseason holds for us.  According to the ultrasound, baby weighs about a gram, and is 3 cm long.   If you guys want I will do a gender reveal on the blog so you guys can enjoy and follow this with us!  Baby is due on June 12th, and according to the 2013 schedule we will be playing away at Lakewood against the blue claws… And the week after is the All Star Break, so who knows… looks like it might be an ALL STAR BABY!  Either way I’m happy and excited and am hopeful that this will be a fantastic offseason full of wonder and cheer.

Now, Greg and I were talking the other night and something came up… 2 years ago, Greg started writing the blog, last year had a baby.  Last Season I wrote the blog, this year we are having a baby.  If you are seeing the pattern… Do we have any takers for next season?  HaHa!

Until next update this offseason, remember to always go WOO WOO at the end of every National Anthem this offseason, and who can forget… ITS A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!


Stars, Stripes, and Strikes!

Tonight was Military appreciation night, and what a night it was!  With an on the field temperature of 73 degrees and wind slightly blowing, it made a great night for baseball.  The pitchers on the mound tonight were Jose Urena and Austin Brice.  They combined for an amazing 14 strikeouts!!!  It was incredible to see that duo sling the ball.  The score was tied at zero going into the 4th when Urena had two walks and then Lakewood would clear the bases before the inning was over making it 4-0.  Josh Adams steps up to the plate in the bottom of the 4th and launches a home run to the moon before it landed somewhere outside of Winston Salem. It was a monster home run!  Lakewood would not score the rest of the game.  The bottom of the ninth, Josh Adams would hit a double putting him at second base.  James Wooster steps up to the plate and launches a home run right off the score board in center field.  Making the score 4-3.  Terrence Dayleg would single, making the tying run on base, winning run at the plate.  Wilfredo Gimenez (who’s been slumping bad this year) grounds a ball straight to second base, Dayleg is tagged out at second then to first, making it a double play to end the game.  The Greensboro Grasshoppers snapped their 16 game home winning streak tonight to the Lakewood Blueclaws.  With this loss they are 30-11 on the season, and currently still 6 games ahead of second place.  So this loss really didn’t matter, in the scheme of things, lets just not make it a habit!  Tonight was pretty close to a sell out and with tomorrows giveaway, its gonna be another crowd and another GREAT DAY TO BE A HOPPER!


Hoppers have luck of the Irish….

Tonight was Irish night at the ballpark.  So you guessed it, it was green everywhere!  It was also thirsty thursday.  Which means only one thing as far as I’m concerned… A TON of people!  The game was very good, I’ll get to the stats and play by plays in a second.  Just wanted to give you guys some awesome news if you haven’t heard yet.  It was announced two days ago that the All Star Home Run Derby, part of All Star week, will take place on board the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier based in the Charleston Harbor in Charleston, SC.  How cool is that?  The article I read said they will have inflatable barriers in the water, that if they hit the ball past it’s a home run.  US Coast Guard will be in the water on Jet Skis retrieving the ball.  So the next question… Am I going?  You darn skippy!  Thats way too cool to miss.

Austin Barnes at bat

Okay, back to last nights game.  It started out great two runs in the first inning by the Hoppers, scored by Ryan Goetz and Austin Barnes.  Josh Hodges was on the mound tonight for the Hoppers.  His fastballs were averaging about 94 mph.  They had a little smoke trail behind them as well.  Greensboro wouldn’t score again till the 4th inning when Aaron Senne crosses the plate.  In the 7th Brent Keys would score off a single fly ball by Matt Smith.  Lakewood would stay scoreless until the 6th, where they posted their only run for the night.  The Hoppers take the victory 4-1 over the Lakewood Blueclaws.  They advance to 29-10 on the season, and 15 straight at home!   It’s still way too early to say but, we are in great shape for the 1st half of the season!  The Hoppers can lose the next six and still be in first place, and lose 8 and still be in 2nd. It’s a great place to be!  I am also uploading all my pictures from tonight, all 29 of them to the Hoppers Fan page on Facebook and my personal FB page, so be sure to check them out!  Hope to see you at the ballpark, and as always I echo the sentiment heard round the ballpark, IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!


Babe, the ball and bat gal (above)

Spaz sporting his Irish attire (below)