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Despite hit advantage, Hoppers drop 8-5 game to Sand Gnats

It’s Money Off Monday, and a beautiful night at the ballpark. Maybe a little cool, but I thought it was comfortable. And with hot dogs and soda just a dollar, I couldn’t ask for a nicer night for baseball.


Well, I guess there’s one thing I could have asked for: a Hoppers win. Here’s how my scoring app put it:

The Greensboro Grasshoppers lost 8-5 at Newbridge Bank Park – Greensboro, NC on Monday, despite outhitting the Savannah Sand Gnats 14 to 13.

Jesus Solorzano had a hot bat for the Hoppers. Solorzano went 3-4, drove in one and scored two runs. He singled in the second and fourth innings and homered in the fifth inning.

Jeffrey Glenn, Cole Frenzel, Jeff Reynolds and Brandon Nimmo helped lead the Sand Gnats. They combined for eight hits and eight RBIs.

The Sand Gnats stayed on top until the final out after taking the lead in the second, scoring three runs on two singles.

Three runs in the bottom of the fourth helped the Hoppers close its deficit to 6-3. An RBI double by Matt Juengel, a groundout by Tony Caldwell, and an RBI single by Yeison Hernandez fueled Hoppers’ comeback. Finally, Logan Taylor induced an inning-ending from Anthony Gomez.

One run in the bottom of the fifth helped the Hoppers close its deficit to 8-4. A solo home run by Solorzano triggered the Hoppers’ comeback. Savannah Sand Gnats stopped the rally after Matthew Koch got Caldwell to ground out.

After pushing across one run in the bottom of the seventh, the Hoppers faced just a 8-5 deficit. A solo home run by Yordy Cabrera set off a short Hoppers rally. Finally, Koch got Cameron Flynn to strike out to end the threat.

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What went wrong? Pitching. The Hoppers pitching was just plain ugly tonight. Balls were all over the place, including hitting batters. When the Sand Gnats did connect with a ball, they were solid hits. They were up on the board with three runs in the 2nd. They extended their lead to six runs in the fourth. The rally the Hoppers started in the bottom of the fourth was pretty exciting, but that’s all they had. Check out the official box score and game recap for all the details. Bill on Baseball also has a recap of the game with some insights from the coach.

Here’s a picture of Chipper Smith, in his Hoppers debut, getting ready to pitch. Smith pitched 2 innings, allowed 5 hits, 2 runs (both earned), and managed 2 strike-outs. He ended his outing with an ERA of 9.0 and hit one batter tonight. Ouch!

Chipper Smith

Well, the night’s not all bad. The Kannapolis Intimidators also lost tonight, so we’re still tied for first in our division. Let’s hope the Hoppers can get their momentum back and start winning some more games.

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Hoppers Shut Out Lakewood; 8-0

Tonight was an amazing night at the ballpark.  Let me first start by saying that I was unable to be at the ballpark last night due to a prior obligation for the Jamestown Newspaper.  I also photograph and cover High School games and other events around the area.  This one in particular was a Varsity Baseball game hosted by Ragsdale High School against the cowboys of Southwest.  The VS-CANCER FOUNDATION is a foundation that uses the platform of sports to raise awareness and money for cancer research.  Between the two high schools, they raised over 10,000 dollars!  Amazing what can happen when a bunch of high school kids rally around a cause.  I was thoroughly impressed with not only the heart and passion of the team as a team, but at the end of the game, every player shaved their heads in honor of the awareness raised that night.  Last night, life was just a little bigger than baseball.

Once you walk into the ballpark, there are several things different this year.  First of all, Taylor Made Kettle Corn is no longer there.  Which to those that know Greg and I personally, this is a big blow.  We were both disappointed opening night that Pat wasn’t out there with his kettle corn. Chick-Fil-A is also no longer there.  I will miss the Chick-Fil-A double plays, as that was a big part of my diet last season.  At first, I was a little disappointed to see that there is now a Pita Delite in the ballpark.  How is Pita Delite going to work amongst the Hot Dogs, Nachos, and BBQ?  Then I saw the steak and cheese’s… I’m now very happy there is a Pita Delite there now!  To us season ticket holders, it gets mundane eating hot dogs every night.  And Papa John’s now sponsors the Greensborosports.com K zone.  Every game they issue a promo code for discounts for Papa John’s pizza based on the number of strikeouts.  Shanna and I had dinner the other night 50% off!


Austin Brice, RHP

Onto tonight’s game…. The Hoppers shut out the last place Lakewood Blueclaws 8-0.  Tony Caldwell hit the grasshoppers first home run out of New Bridge Bank Park this season!  The Hoppers runs came in spurts and Austin Brice was slinging fire tonight.  Austin Brice threw 5 innings, allowed 2 hits, and slung 4 strikeouts.  Tonights pitching staff only saw 4 hits total from the Blueclaws!

Spotlight player of the night definately goes to Tony Caldwell.  Tony had four at bats, hitting in three of them.  He was only a triple away from completely a cycle tonight; having a single, double, and a home run.

With this win tonight, the Hoppers move to 7-3 on the season. They are currently undefeated at home with a record of 3-0.  The Hoppers intend on keeping the first place seat warm, but the Shorebirds are knocking on that door.

Be sure to click for a full recap of the game and box score, along with Bill On Baseball’s Blog from tonight.  And while you’re at it, hop on over to our friends at greensborosports.com.

With an on-feild temperature of 75 degrees, it was definately A GREAT NIGHT TO BE A HOPPER!


(Photo Credit: Jordan Stowe)

Hoppers Start Season By Stewin’ Crawdads

For those that made the trip to Hickory to see the season opener, you were not disappointed.  The one field temperature was a beautiful 64 degrees and clear skies.  It was a great night to be at the ballpark.  After last nights game was snowed out… It does seem odd that the temperature change was so drastic.  The Grasshoppers took this opportunity to stew some Crawdads while they were there.  The Hickory Crawdads, that is.  Hickory’s stadium is just a hop, skip, and a jump down Interstate 40.  So I guess you could say they are our in-state rivals.  Further down I-40 is the Asheville Tourist, the defending SAL league Champions.


Tony Caldwell, Catcher

Tonights opener had all the makings of a blockbuster from the second you walked in the gate.  The grounds crew, the ticketing office, and all front office staff were dressed in tuxes.  When approached as to why they were “all dressed up”, they simply replied, “I was always taught to never turn down a chance to dress up…” He went on to say that “Some occasions are just worth dressing up for.”  I guess, to the Crawdads, Opening Day was such the occasion.  The Hoppers had something else on their mind.  The last time the Grasshoppers suited up and laced their cleats, was for the Championship Game in Greensboro.  They lost that game to the Asheville Tourists.  The Hoppers are back… with a heck of a statement to start the season.


Coaches Walking to the Grasshoppers Dugout

The Crawdads would start the season opener quick with a 1-0 start.  Quickly sitting down seven (7) Grasshoppers called on strikeouts.  It would actually be rather mundane or boring till the fifth inning.  In the fifth inning, Ross Wilson would score off of a single line drive by Yieson Hernandez, tying the score.  In the very next inning (6th), Ross Wilson would single sending Anthony Gomez home to put the Hoppers up by one.  Those two scores would make it 2-1 Grasshoppers lead.  Hickory had an answer of their own, Ryan Rua would score off of throwing error by third baseman Yordy Cabrera.  With the score now tied in the 6th, it leaves you wondering who has the momentum to carry the win?  Who wants it more?  Who has the heart to finish it out?  In the top of the eighth the Hoppers would answer those questions.  With two outs, Cody Keefer would single on a ground ball to center fielder Lewis Brinson. Yordy Cabrera and Jesus Solorzano would cross the plate for what would end up as your final score of 4-2.  HOPPERS WIN HOPPERS WIN HOPPERS WIN!  With this win, the Hoppers record on Opening night is an impressive 6-2 leading all the way back to their first season, 2005.

I’m very excited to check out these guys as the weeks go by.  Don’t forget to click on your favorite players to be connected to their profile page to keep up with all the latest stats, news, and more.  Also, don’t forget to check out the Full Recap and Box Score.  Starting out the season with a win means only one thing…. IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!!!


(Photo Credit: Roy Royster)

A Familiar Sight Due To Unfamiliar Circumstances


Hickory Crawdads Stadium Opening Day

The image above is what is becoming a familiar sight on Opening Day for the Greensboro Grasshoppers.  Since their inaugural season, 2005, the Hoppers have sent their starting pitcher to the mound 4 times to open the season.  In 8 seasons, they are 4-4 of starting the season on Opening Day. That being said it is not uncommon around these parts to have a delay  or postponement opening day.  What is uncommon, in fact unprecedented, is being cancelled due to snow and sleet.


Scott Lyman, RHP

Today’s game in Hickory was set to be a great matchup.  Scott Lyman, returning for his second year in Greensboro, was set to take the mound.  This right hander will start out the season to improve on his 3 game win record and 6 losses.  He threw 62 strikeouts out of 74 innings pitched.  I’m very interested to see what kind of heat he can throw this year.

I’ll be armed with my camera and scorecards this season, to bring you all the latest action, scores, and fan highlights from each game.  Greg, I believe, will be joining me this year a bit more, and WOOT WOO IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!!!


And for those of you wondering where your favorite Hoppers are… Here’s the list as of today.

Jose Fernandez– MIAMI MARLINS, Brent KeysGSO Grasshoppers, Tony CaldwellGSO Grasshoppers, Collin Cargill– Jupiter Hammerheads, Jose Urena– Jupiter Hammerheads, Wilfredo Gimenez– Jupiter Hammerheads, Noah Perio– Jupiter Hammerheads, Ryan Fisher– Jupiter Hammerheads, Austin Barnes–Jupiter Hammerheads, Josh Adams– Jupiter Hammerheads, Austin Nola– Jupiter Hammerheads, Matt Smith– Jupiter Hammerheads, Ryan Reiger– Jupiter Hammerheads, Ryan Goetz– Jupiter Hammerheads, Isaac Galloway– Jupiter Hammerheads, Aaron Senne “In the City”– Jupiter Hammerheads, Adam Conley– Jacksonville Suns, Marcell Ozuna– Jacksonville Suns, Danny Black– Jacksonville Suns, Rand Smith– Batavia Muckdogs

Don’t forget to click on your favorite player to link up to see the latest news, stats, and more!  If your favorite player is not listed please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to locate that player for you.  Thanks!

Photo Credits: Josh Royster (top photo of Hickory Crawdads Stadium) and UCDavis University Athletics (Bottom: Scott Lyman Photo)

Friday The 13th Proves Too Scary For Hagerstown; Hoppers win 7-2

The theme tonight was Halloween night.  Being that it was Friday the 13th and the stadium is located right off Elm Street it had all the makings for a cheesy horror flick.  And in some ways it was rather cheesy.  You could catch pirates, clowns, pimps, and even waldo (If you could find him…) walking around and taking in the game.  The names on the scoreboard were even put to a cool halloween background .

Jim Scott, pictured above, was definitely in rare form today.  He was dressed as Superfly or quite simply, a pimp.

Looks like Spaz found Waldo!

Austin Brice was the starting pitcher on the mound tonight.  He would throw 5 scoreless innings, allowing 2 hits and 5 strikeouts.  He would be relieved by Kevin Cravey who pitched one inning and allowed 1 hit.  Daniel Oliver would then come in to pitch 2 innings, allowing 3 hits and 2 strikeouts.  Next up would walk Greg Nappo who would throw 1 inning and three straight strikeouts for a combined total of 10 strikeouts.  That’s a lot of K’s on the board for Don Moore and his crew at the “JETS PIZZA K ZONE”.

The game was tied at zero until the bottom of the fourth inning when an inning full of errors happened.  The Hoppers would come in to score 6 runs that inning.  Batters to cross the plate were Aaron Senne, Ryan Reiger, James Wooster, Tony Caldwell, Austin Nola, and Terrence Dayleg.

With all the costumes and scary figures around tonight I guess Friday the 13th was just too scary for Hagerstown.  Hagerstown would never lead in this one.  Hoppers take the win easily 7-2.  With tonights win the Hoppers move to 8-14 in the second half and only 6 games back!  The Hoppers are back in action tomorrow night facing the Kannapolis Intimidators.  And as always… IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!!


(Note: All players names are linked to their MILB profile so you can keep up with all your favorite Hoppers!)

Click here for Box Score and Full Recap of tonights game.

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