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Hoppers Found Something To Buzz About…

I had pinned this series “The Battle Of The Bugs.”  This series is between the Augusta Greenjackets and the Greensboro Grasshoppers.  With all the buzz about today’s game, I made it out there hoping to see a stinger of a game.  And that’s what I got. It was a very low scoring defensive affair.  Lee Clark and Josh Royster, two of my friends at the ballpark, did the between inning Sumo Wrestling match.  It was a tough match, but Josh won all three rounds to come out victorious!  I got to looking around during the match and realized the day game crowds are much different than at night.  The crowd today of 4,051 was mostly compiled of Senior Citizens and School Children/Day Cares.  I saw a group of Seniors posing for a photo with Guilford the Grasshopper.  They looked to be having a great time.  Which got me to thinking… Is it the day game “BASEBALL BINGO” they were coming for?  Because I know my grandma really loves her Bingo games.  That could be.  Whichever the case may be, it is great to see children of all ages, young and old enjoying America’s greatest pastime.

Sumo Wrestling between innings is always a fan favorite. Photo credit: Jordan Stowe

Sumo Wrestling between innings is always a fan favorite.
Photo credit: Jordan Stowe

On to the game… I was sitting up in the Papa John’s K Zone for most of the game with Lee Clark. Lee as you may remember was one of the SuperFans we highlighted earlier in the season.  He is a great guy, as well as being avid fan of the Hoppers.  While out there I saw a cruise missile of a ball hit to the far left field wall. Cody Keefer doubled on that line drive to Rafael Rodriguez. Matt Juengel would score on that play.  That made the game 1-0.  Viosergy Rosa came to the plate that same inning and smashed a Home Run off the Marriott Hotel in Downtown.  That home run made number 11 for Rosa on the year.  The score was then 2-0 heading into the fourth inning.  Then Mitchell Delfino hit a home run for the Greenjackets making the score 2-1.  The Hoppers would make the defensive stand to go on to win, 2-1.  The Hoppers are currently 27-30 on the season and in fourth place in the Northern Division.  Games one and two of this three game homestand, The Battle Of The Bugs, go to the Greensboro Grasshoppers.  The Hoppers look to sweep the series tomorrow night in Greensboro.  The first pitch will be slung at 7:00pm.  Till next time… IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!

For all the details, check out the full recap and box score of today’s game.  And also don’t forget that since the Hoppers recorded 5 Strikeouts today, you can go to PAPAJOHN’S.com and order Pizza 50% off using promo code: HOPPERS. Please stop in and check out our friend Bill Hass, as he does the official “BILL ON BASEBALL” blog for the Grasshoppers.



Hoppers Get Squashed: 10-3



I was a little late arriving to the ballpark, but I was in attendance at tonights game.   As you can see from the image above, so was about half of Greensboro.  Huge turn out at tonights game.  I was in the restroom, and heard the start of “The Harlem Shake.”  I thought to myself what in the world am I about to miss!?  I walked out to the top of section 112, and low and behold, the bat boy and one of the pitchers is down on the field having a dance off!  The bat boy would continue to entertain all night.  He is known for his break dancing skills and performs at sporting events and venues.  He goes by the handle, BBOY McCOY. Check his website out and look for him on YouTube at some of his amazing dance moves.  The Hoppers started out the night HOTT!  Starting with a 3-2 first inning lead.  Again, we had three by the end of one.  Lakewood would then claw their way to another 8 runs to finish the game 10-3.  Click here for a full recap and box score of the game.  Also don’t forget to check out Bill Hass’ blog at “BILL ON BASEBALL.”  If you are unable to be at a game tune in to greensborosports.com and listen to the live audio feed there.



Fireworks Friday!



107.5 KZL was in the stadium tonight giving away t-shirts and prizes

 It was great to be in the ballpark again, after being away for a couple weeks.  It was nice to talk to Don Moore from Greensborosports.com, Derek Hart the Warehouse Manager at the Stadium, Bryan Jones and Robert Stutts from the K -Zone, and Murray White of the Grasshoppers.  It is always great to see you guys.  Thanks for all you do, rather it’s selling tickets, stocking hot dog buns, or just sitting in the stands cheering on my beloved Grasshoppers.  Everything you guys do, adds to the experience at the ballpark.  You guys make this A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!


Heart Attack Hoppers Strike Again!


Newbridge Bank Park (Hoppers Home Stadium)

Wow! What a night at the ballpark!  I don’t know where to begin…  So I’ll start from the beginning of my night out there.  As I walked up to the K zone tonight, where I was mostly hanging out, I saw a familiar face of my friend and Greensborosports.com radio host, Andy Durham.  Andy wanted to take some time and interview Don Moore and myself.  Don about the Hoppers and the Papa John’s K Zone and myself about the blog.  So if you caught any of the pregame on the radio, you heard yours truly! That was a great start to the night to say the least.  I love going out to the ballpark and seeing friends, and now, i guess family.  After three years at the ballpark, I call it my second home.  Which would make all of you, the fans, family.

As I was sitting up at the K Zone I witnessed only my second ever GRAND SLAM out of the park.  Too bad it was for the opposing team.  I decided then, it was a good time to move to the brighter pastures. So to speak.  I’m rather superstitious about that.  Thats why it doesn’t matter what my seat is, I generally am not going to sit in it.  I walk around and mingle with people, talk to fans, players, coaches, families, friends, and most importantly, the vendors.  And I love the Dog Pound this year at the park!  If you haven’t had a Chicago Dog or a Milwaukee Brat you are missing out!  Tonights special dog was the grasshopper dog.  It consisted of a hot dog, slaw, baked beans, stadium sauce, and spicy mustard.  I definitely miss Pat with the Taylor Made Kettle Corn.  With offerings like the steak and Cheese from Pita Delite and the scrumptious pizza from Hungry Howie’s, I think we will be okay!

Onto the game…  Ramon Del Orbe would start the night on the mound for the Hoppers.  He pitched 4 innings, allowed 7 hits, and slung 4 strikeouts.  Sadly though, one of the 7 hits allowed was the Grand Slam home run.  He was quickly replaced by Jheyson Manzueta.  He pitched 3 innings, allowed 2 hits, and no strikeouts.

The excitement for this game came in the bottom of the 8th inning.  Here’s the scenario, Hoppers down by 1.  The score is 5-4 Sand Gnats lead the game.  Jesus Solorzano steps up and smashes a solo home run tying the game at 5 apiece.  Cody Keefer would then triple on a fly ball to center fielder Brandon Nimmo causing Matt Juengel to score.  This would make the Hoppers up by one.  And you know the saying, it’s not over till it’s over… well the Hoppers were not ready for it to be over tonight! In the top of the 9th, the Sand Gnats were just like the bugs they are, and just would not go away.  They would score 3 more times in the 9th inning.  Putting them ahead 8-6 heading into the bottom of the ninth inning.  We have called them this several times on this blog, but the HEART ATTACK HOPPERS have struck again.  With one out, down by 2, Viosergy Rosa would belt a three run walk off home run to win the game! That made the final score 9-8. HOPPERS WIN!  HOPPERS WIN! HOPPERS WIN!

This was definitely an amazing night at the ballpark.  Please don’t forget in order to listen by way of radio you must go through our friends at greensborosports.com.

Box Score and Recap 

Bill on Baseball

Walk off Home runs, grand slams, hot dogs, and friends… thats what makes tonight… A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!


Another Shutout In The Books (8/29/2011)

Tonight’s Greensboro Grasshoppers game against the Delmarva Shorebirds was another shutout, and the Hoppers leave the field with the score 8-0. It was a short game, about two and a half hours, and the Hoppers established command early on and didn’t let it up. Half of our runs came in the seventh inning, where Delmarva pitcher Tim Adleman just kept giving up hits and runs. No complaints here. J T Realmuto hit another homer on Natty’s Hill in the second inning. The Hoppers played good ball tonight, got done what they needed to get done, and kept their wits about them. As always, check out the official box score and game recap for all the details.

Again, I didn’t take many pictures tonight (It was raining for part of the game, and I didn’t want to mess with the camera), but here’s a shot of Realmuto making it home after blasting the ball onto Natty’s Hill.

J T Realmuto Goes Long

Winning like this is what we need to keep doing to stay (get) in the race for a playoff spot. I was out of town for the weekend and missed the games, but Bill on Baseball has some excellent write-ups of how things went down. Be sure to check out his blog for details on how the Hoppers are doing what they need to do get to the post-season.

Tonight’s win really helps the Hoppers, especially considering how some of the other games in the league are shaking out tonight. I listened to Andy Durham explain it all on the radio on the way home, and I think I’ve got a good grip on it. Hickory won both of the games against Lakewood in their double-header today and Kannapolis lost to Rome. This moves Hickory into first place in the league, with Kannapolis only a half game behind them. Hoppers are in 3rd place, three and a half games behind Hickory. It’s still mathematically possible for the Hoppers to win the 2nd half outright, but the easier route to the playoffs is going to be with Hickory winning the 2nd half. Since Hickory won the 1st half, if they win the 2nd half, the other playoff spot goes to the team with the best overall record,, where the hoppers have a chance of coming out on top.

While it’s fun to think of the possibilities, all this depends on the Hoppers doing their part and winning games. They’re on fire right now, with a great winning streak. The best thing they can do is keep it going. The other teams are going to do what the other teams do, and we’ll just have to see what happens. Any way it rolls out, it looks like the final five-game series in Kannapolis is going to play a big part in whether or not there will post-season play for the Hoppers. I’ve actually got tickets for the whole series in Kannapolis, and am going to try to go to all the games down there.

Tomorrow’s the last regular home game of the year. I’m especially looking forward to it because I won a drawing at the ballpark this year where the prize was a party at the ballpark party deck, including dinner, for 40 people! If you’re at the game tomorrow, we’ll be hooting and hollering from the third base side, upstairs, under the “Miller Lite” signs. Big thanks to Sheetz for sponsoring the drawing, at to everyone at the ballpark (I’m especially looking at you, Todd) who is working to make it a special night for my friends and me.

A note to anyone who might be visiting from MLBlogs: welcome! Today, my other baseball blog — Baseball Haiku — was one of the featured blogs on MLBlogs. In addition to pointing out the baseball haiku I write every day, they mentioned the Hoppers Fan blog. Here’s a screenshot:

Baseball Haiku Featured On MLBlogs.comHow cool is that? It’s truly a humbling experience to see my mug up there on the official page for all the MLBlogs, in the company of the other great blogs featured. I would never have imagined seeing my picture next to a picture of John Thorn, MLB’s official historian, for example. It was especially nice of MLBlogs to mention the Hoppers Fan blog while they were featuring the Baseball Haiku blog. Thanks!

Join the conversation by leaving a comment — what are you thinking?

See ya at the ballpark!
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Hoppers Need Some Wins

The Grasshoppers return to the ballpark tonight with a desperate need to pick up some wins. They were swept by Kannapolis in the last home stand. They managed to only lose one of the four games agains Savannah on the road, and that brings their current record to 9-9. That’s fifth (out of seven) in the standings, three games out of first. It’s too early in the 2nd half to be falling behind like this. The team really came close to winning the first half, and it would be great if they could buckle down and win the 2nd half. It’s been a long time since the team’s been in the playoffs, and it’s time for them to get back in there.

Fortunately, the current series is against Charleston, which should serve to give the Hoppers a boost, as Charleston is a pretty weak team. I’m not taking anything for granted, though.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be at the ballpark tonight. I’m way to behind at my day job to be able to afford the time right now. I’m hoping to get caught up enough to be able to make it to tomorrow’s game guilt-free.

Bill Hass has been writing some good blog entries about the team lately. Check out the matched set demonstrating how quickly things can change in baseball: “Firecracker hot” and “Iceberg cold.”

Good luck, boys!

See ya at the ballpark! (But not tonight.)
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Bill On Baseball

Hoppers Haiku
And so it begins.
The Hoppers are back in town.
A twelve day home stand.

It’s been a week and a half since a Greensboro Grasshoppers home game, and I’m thrilled that the Hoppers are back in town starting tonight. It’s for what will surely be a legendary twelve day home stand! I’m going to be out of town for the last three games, so, at most, I’ll only be able to hit up nine of the games. Baseball every day for a week and a half is going to be awesome.

Recently, Bill Hass has started a blog about the Hoppers: Bill On Baseball. Bill used to write Bill On Baseball as a column, but has changed that column into a blog now. In his inaugural entry, Bill noted the importance of having fun with blogging:

Other writers I know who blog say it’s important to have fun, and that will be the goal here. I’ll strive to have nuggets and tidbits about current Hoppers, past Greensboro players (Hoppers, Bats and Hornets) and perhaps some observations on baseball in general, past and present. The field is wide open, kind of like the gap you see between the center fielder and right fielder at times.

In true blog-like fashion, Bill’s looking for reader participation, too:

This is intended to be a two-way street. Reader comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged. Baseball fans are passionate about the game and I want them to be free to express that passion.

I’m absolutely thrilled that Bill’s converted his column to a blog format. Reading his columns last year was a great way for me to stay informed about the Hoppers, learn more about the team, and learn more about baseball in general. If the Hoppers handle it right, having an “insider” like Bill accessible via a blog is going to be a great resource to the community of fans. So add his blog to your favorite RSS reader or bookmark it and make a point to visit it regularly to look for new entries. Drop him a note or a comment letting him know how excited you are to have a knowledgeable Hoppers voice writing a blog for the fans.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Bill! I’m looking forward to your reading your blog as the season progresses.

See ya at the ballpark!