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Even The Pregame Showers Couldn’t Cool Off The Hoppers!

Tonight was a fun night at the ballpark.  Shanna, my wife, joined me tonight.  For those of you that don’t know me personally, I get two season tickets every year and I am usually the only one using the tickets.  Shanna mainly works at night and quite frankly doesn’t care for baseball.  We decided to make tonight a date night of sorts.  Needless to say, we met up with some friends up there and sat in the SUNBRELLA zone, out in the outfield for most of the game.  It provides a different view on the game.  I’m used to being up close in personal where all the action is.  My seats are front row, on the first base line, beside the away dugout.  So sitting in outfield provides a much better take on the game.

One thing I love as a photographer, is taking pictures of the stadium during different times of the day.  The sunsets over the stadium are just awesome! Tonights was no different.


As I stated in the title and as I’ve stated many times this season already, the Hoppers are on fire!  And I don’t see them cooling off anytime soon!  With Adam Conley and Jose Fernandez pitching like they are, and Adams, Barnes, Wooster, and Keys hitting the way they are we are definitely on the right track to secure the first half.  That sure would be nice.  Jose Fernandez started off the night by throwing 6 strikeouts in the first two innings and had a total strikeout count of 8.  Things were definitely heating up on the mound tonight.  James Wooster had an incredible diving catch late in the 7th inning and stepped right up and slammed a home run off the score board.  Hoppers win again by a score of 3-2 against the West Virginia Power!  The win tonight improves the Hoppers to 20-8 and of those 28 games the crowd in Greensboro has only seen two of those losses!  Talk about home town support!  Their last loss at home came back on April 11 against the Lakewood Blueclaws!  And that is why, my friends, I continue to echo the sentiment heard around the ballpark, IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!

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It’s a bird, It’s a plane, It’s Adam Conley?

Tonight was Superhero night at the ballpark.  There were all sorts of characters out there. There was Batman, Buzz Lightyear, The Flash, Yoda, and there was even a woman walking around in a banana suit.  Still trying to figure that one out.  Super-Nana maybe? I’m not sure, but it sure was a fun night at the ballpark.  During the 7th inning stretch all the superheroes, young and old, got on top of the dugout and sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”.  Donald, the President and General Manager even got in the spirit of things, as he strutted on the field in what looked to be Superfly.  The pimp, not the bug… for those of you wondering.


The real Superhero of the night was Adam Conley.  He threw 6 innings and had 8 Strikeouts.  I took several pictures of him pitching but the majority were blurred by the smoke whirling off his wrist from slinging 95mph fastballs.  He was a consistent 93/95mph.  He was definitely on fire tonight!  Image

One of Greg and I’s friends penned the name “The Heart Attack Hoppers”.  The Hoppers didn’t live that name down tonight.  Up until the 9th, the score was 4-1, as it had been since the first inning.  Then Hickory had two men come home making it  4-3, and no outs.  You could have heard a pen drop in the stadium.  Everyone was on the edge of their seat.  So, the Hoppers change pitchers and in comes James Nygren to close the game.  His first three pitches, strikeout.  The next set of pitches earn Jeremy Williams a single, getting him on first.  The very next pitch goes bulleting to second, Austin Barnes grabs it up for out 2, then hurls it to first, for the double play!!!  HOPPERS WIN at a final of 4-3 over the Hickory Crawdads!

Tonight was Superhero night, and it lived up to its name.  The pitches were faster than a speeding bullet, the base runners were faster than a locomotive, and at times it seemed like the outfielders could fly. Thanks again for reading, hope you have enjoyed this edition of Hoppers Fan Blog.  And as always, I echo the sentiment heard round the ballpark, it’s a great time to be a Hopper!


Rain Delay… Hoppers Okay!

Maybe it was the sound of the popcorn popping. Maybe it was the smell of a juicy Milwaukee Brat sizzling on the grill. Maybe it was that the first pitch was throw out by a seven year old girl with her teammates cheering her on, on the field. Maybe it was the 93/95 mph fastballs that Adam Conley was slinging tonight. But something was magical.  In the first three innings, Adam saw 10 batters, struck out 1, and allowed no hits. His arm was flawless tonight. Seeing him in person, he totally worth the hype. We’ll be seeing him in Miami before too long. The Hoppers were all tied up at zero when the heavens opened up. And when I say they opened up, THEY OPENED UP! The tarp hit the field and the game was delayed for the better part of 2 hours.

Providing the entertainment for those 2 hours was the always popular, BBoy McCoy, the dancing Bat Boy. Stay tuned, I got some video of his moves… Once the rain delay lifted, Omahen started pitching. Omahen saw 14 batters, 3 strikeouts, and only 2 hits. In the third inning, Ryan Rieger sent a sacrifice fly out to center field sending Ryan Goetz home to make it 1-0. Josh Adams, also sent a sacrifice fly to left field, sending Brent Keys home, to make it 2-0. And while Ryan Goetz was up batting in the fourth a wild pitch was thrown and Ryan McIntyre ran in to score, making it 3-0. But that didn’t make the hoppers out of the woods yet. In the 7th inning, Michael Planeta homers on a fly ball to left field. Making the score 3-1. And in the top of the 9th, the Shorebirds slammed another Homer, making it 3-2, hoppers lead. The last play of the game, FULL COUNT, 3-2 (3 balls, 2 strikes) Hoppers up by one, Shorebirds have runners on first and second. The batter swings, hit the ball straight to Austin Barnes at 2nd base, for the first out, and slings it to Ryan Rieger at first base for the double play!!! HOPPERS WIN!!! With this win the Grasshoppers hold on to 1st place in the Northern Division and improve to 12-5 on the year!

Shorebirds, Glynn Davis, at bat

Hoppers, Adam Conley, slinging 95 mph fastballs toward the plate!

Be sure to check out the complete box score and game recap for all the details.

Hope you enjoyed the blog tonight, as this was my first one, feel free to comment. It was a wet and soggy one, but I still echo the sentiment, IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!