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Thanks to everyone who reads Hoppers Fan, we ended up on the top 100 Blogs list for all of 2012! With family obligations and trying to keep up with the Hoppers themselves, keeping track of the blog standings just kinda slipped past us. When announced this in January, we simply didn’t notice. It’s great to know that there are lots of folks out there enjoying what we write and the photos we share. It’s also great to see that a blog devoted to a Single-A Minor League team in North Carolina is as popular as blogs devoted to Major League teams. From Jordan and me, to all of you, thank you!


See ya at the ballpark!
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Baseball fans aren’t going to forget 2012 any time soon. We saw the debuts of phenomenal young talent, we marveled at historic feats and we held on through truly memorable Postseason moments. Bloggers were there every step of the way, and now is the time to honor those who made the annual Top 100 Blogs list. Once again the Hot Stove/Trade Buzz two-headed monster finished as the overall most-visited Blog, powered by the only network of 30 traveling beat reporters, with Better Off Red finishing off a very impressive season in second place in the PRO category. The Baseball Collector has bragging rights again among Fan blogs, with the reborn and resurgent Rays Renegade right behind. Carrie Muskat held off Jason Beck to grab top honors among the Beat Writers.

Congratulations to everyone who made the Top 100! If you’re on the list, make sure…

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    • Greg

      Thanks! Glad I figured it all out and updated things to be more in line with the current crop of great M(i)LB Blogs!

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