Hoppers Steam The Blueclaws

Thursday nights at the ballpark are known for what is known as “thirsty thursdays”. Thirsty thursdays means all sodas and beer is only a dollar anywhere in the ballpark. With an on feild temperature of 82 degrees and partly sunny, and with the Thursday night crowd, it made for a busy night at the ballpark. The attendance figure for the night was 7,681 tickets sold. As some of you know, my newborn daughter is in the NICU and so I’m not able to make it to many games for a little while. Greg and I are really wanting you guys to reach back out to us. Anytime you are at a game, send us a snippet of your experience. Take a photo, post it on our facebook page, we’ll use it in the blog. You guys rocked with all the photos from Brian McCann!

Now back to last nights game. Mason Hope started out on the mound for the Hoppers. He pitched five innings, allowed three hits, and one strikeout. Jheyson Manzueta would relieve him pitching two innings, allowed two hits, three strikeouts. The Hoppers would end up sending in five pitchers for a combined nine strikeouts on the night. Which means two things…. Don and the crew were busy last night dropping k’s and 50% OFF PAPA JOHNS today! Just enter promo code: HOPPERS available at all locations.

Hoppers did their part in tightening the lid on the kettle to steam those blueclaws. The final score was 5-4 .  I might try to make it out to the game tonight. Will I see you there?  Once again, if there is anything you wanna send us, please feel free to do so, because its fans like you, that make this a GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!!


recap and box score


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