Hoppers Get Squashed: 10-3



I was a little late arriving to the ballpark, but I was in attendance at tonights game.   As you can see from the image above, so was about half of Greensboro.  Huge turn out at tonights game.  I was in the restroom, and heard the start of “The Harlem Shake.”  I thought to myself what in the world am I about to miss!?  I walked out to the top of section 112, and low and behold, the bat boy and one of the pitchers is down on the field having a dance off!  The bat boy would continue to entertain all night.  He is known for his break dancing skills and performs at sporting events and venues.  He goes by the handle, BBOY McCOY. Check his website out and look for him on YouTube at some of his amazing dance moves.  The Hoppers started out the night HOTT!  Starting with a 3-2 first inning lead.  Again, we had three by the end of one.  Lakewood would then claw their way to another 8 runs to finish the game 10-3.  Click here for a full recap and box score of the game.  Also don’t forget to check out Bill Hass’ blog at “BILL ON BASEBALL.”  If you are unable to be at a game tune in to greensborosports.com and listen to the live audio feed there.



Fireworks Friday!



107.5 KZL was in the stadium tonight giving away t-shirts and prizes

 It was great to be in the ballpark again, after being away for a couple weeks.  It was nice to talk to Don Moore from Greensborosports.com, Derek Hart the Warehouse Manager at the Stadium, Bryan Jones and Robert Stutts from the K -Zone, and Murray White of the Grasshoppers.  It is always great to see you guys.  Thanks for all you do, rather it’s selling tickets, stocking hot dog buns, or just sitting in the stands cheering on my beloved Grasshoppers.  Everything you guys do, adds to the experience at the ballpark.  You guys make this A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!



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