HopperFan Corespondent Jordan with Baby Addie

Some of you I’m sure have noticed the absence of score updates, blogs, photos, etc.  The reason that is because my wife and I welcomed a sweet beautiful baby girl into the world.  Adeline Marie Stowe was born Wednesday night at 7:43pm.  She weighed 3 lbs and 12 oz.  She was 14 inches long.  For those of you that have a hard time with measurements, as do I, thats a tad bigger than a foot long hot dog at the stadium.  This came as a complete and udder surprise to my wife and I, as she was 6 weeks early.  Shanna was have some blood pressure issues and the doctor performed an emergency C-Section.  Addie will be having to stay in the NICU for a while, while she grows and better develops.  It is as a friend that I ask for your sincerest thoughts and prayers for my family during this time.  I have no idea the struggle to come, but I know it will not be an easy one.  Some of you may remember, HoppersFan Greg ushered in a beautiful baby girl named Rorie, last baseball season.  She also had to stay in the NICU for a while.  Greg has been a tremendous friend and brother through all this.  He has helped me through a lot these last couple days.  I would not have met Greg, had it not been for the Grasshoppers.  It is because of that, that I believe that God can use anything, even baseball.

I will try to keep you guys up to date on all your Hoppers News, scores, and updates.  Please fill free to also check out Bill Hass’ “BILL ON BASEBALL” and our friends over at GREENSBOROSPORTS.COM.  During this time of transition, we are really calling on the “HOPPERSFAN ARMY”.  Please send us stories, photos, call and we’ll do fan interviews.  Let us know what you are thinking.  We are reaching out to you guys the fans.

Tonights box score and recap

When I was holding Addie earlier I thought I could already hear her saying, WOO WOO daddy, WOO WOO!  Life is much more than baseball, but IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!  Thank you guys for your prayers and continued support!




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