Brian McCann Rehabs In Greensboro

It’s not often that a Major League player gets a rehab assignment that brings him to Greensboro. I can’t remember the last time a Marlins player ended up on the Hoppers roster. A couple of years ago, first baseman Ryan Howard was rehabbing for for Philadelphia with the Lakewood Blueclaws. In one of his games in Greensboro, he stopped a potential no-no with an RBI double in the sixth. I can’t remember seeing anyone rehabbing in Greensboro since then.

Well, starting this weekend, Brian McCann, the catcher for the Atlanta Braves, is rehabbing  with the Rome Braves. McCann has been on the DL with a shoulder injury. As luck would have it, Rome is playing Greensboro this weekend, so this is an opportunity for the Hoppers fans to see a great major league player in action.

OK, McCann’s not a Hopper, but his brother Brad McCann played in Greensboro in 2005, so we can consider him family, right?

In Friday night’s game, the Braves toppled the Hoppers 10-6 (box | recap), and McCann did his part by launching 2 homers out of the park. Bill on Baseball has the low-down:

“It felt good,” he said.  ”I got some pitches to hit and luckily I didn’t miss them.”

He was most pleased about the way his shoulder felt behind the plate and how fast he got the ball out of his glove and on the way to second base. The Hoppers tested McCann on the basepaths, stealing four bases, and he made two throwing errors. But accuracy is something he said he can iron out.

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Neither Jordan nor I were able to make last night’s game, and we’ll probably miss all of the games against Rome. (Yes, it’s very sad. McCann is my favorite Brave, and I’d love to see him in our small park (I’ve seen him in Atlanta many times!) and have a chance to get his autograph, but other obligations trump baseball this weekend.) So this is the perfect time to enlist the Hoppers Fan Army! If you were at last night’s game, or make it out to any of the games when McCann is playing, we’d love to hear from you! Send us your pictures and/or stories from the game to, and we’ll try to feature them on the blog. We’ve already received a handful of photos from a few fans, so look for those coming up in the next few blog entries.

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