Brian McCann Photos From Patrick Abbott and Debbie Rodriguez

Brian McCann is rehabbing with the Rome Braves, who are playing the Greensboro Grasshoppers here in town this weekend. I talked a little about that in my last post. Several folks have responded to our call and sent some photos of McCann to share on the Hoppers Fan blog. The next several blog posts will feature those pictures. This installment comes to us thanks to Patrick Abbott and Debbie Rodriguez. I’ve known Patrick for several years — he and his son Eli can often be found at the ballpark taking pictures, collecting autographs, and just enjoying the game. Patrick sent this pictures from Friday’s game, which include both McCann swings that resulted in home runs. Debbie’s been a loyal Hoppers Fan fan for several years, too, and she sent us a picture of McCann signing autographs at the tunnel.






As for tonight’s game (box | recap), the Hoppers took a 1-0 lead in the 2nd and held it until Brian McCann brought in the tying run in the 9th with a double and Levi Hyams drove in the winning run. The Hoppers were unable to respond and went down 1-2-3. Check out the Bill on Baseball blog for more details, including reactions to the loss from the Hoppers manager and pitching coach.

The Hoppers are scheduled to play the Braves again tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. Weather might be an issue, with the forecast calling for rain. Let’s hope the rain stays in check and the field stays dry and it’s a great day to be at the ballpark. Show up early for a chance to get McCann’s autograph. Reports from both yesterday and today are that McCann is being generous, signing lots of autographs for the fans. Hoppers Fan Debbie Rodriguez sent in this picture of McCann signing autographs at tonight’s game.


Thanks for that great pictures, Patrick and Debbie!

Remember, you can click on any of the pictures in the post to embiggen them. Send us your pictures and/or stories from Brian McCann’s visit to, and we’ll try to feature them on the blog. Tune in to the blog tomorrow for some pictures from the Hoppers’ Team Photographer, Dano Keeney.

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See ya at the ballpark!
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