Heart Attack Hoppers Strike Again!


Newbridge Bank Park (Hoppers Home Stadium)

Wow! What a night at the ballpark!  I don’t know where to begin…  So I’ll start from the beginning of my night out there.  As I walked up to the K zone tonight, where I was mostly hanging out, I saw a familiar face of my friend and Greensborosports.com radio host, Andy Durham.  Andy wanted to take some time and interview Don Moore and myself.  Don about the Hoppers and the Papa John’s K Zone and myself about the blog.  So if you caught any of the pregame on the radio, you heard yours truly! That was a great start to the night to say the least.  I love going out to the ballpark and seeing friends, and now, i guess family.  After three years at the ballpark, I call it my second home.  Which would make all of you, the fans, family.

As I was sitting up at the K Zone I witnessed only my second ever GRAND SLAM out of the park.  Too bad it was for the opposing team.  I decided then, it was a good time to move to the brighter pastures. So to speak.  I’m rather superstitious about that.  Thats why it doesn’t matter what my seat is, I generally am not going to sit in it.  I walk around and mingle with people, talk to fans, players, coaches, families, friends, and most importantly, the vendors.  And I love the Dog Pound this year at the park!  If you haven’t had a Chicago Dog or a Milwaukee Brat you are missing out!  Tonights special dog was the grasshopper dog.  It consisted of a hot dog, slaw, baked beans, stadium sauce, and spicy mustard.  I definitely miss Pat with the Taylor Made Kettle Corn.  With offerings like the steak and Cheese from Pita Delite and the scrumptious pizza from Hungry Howie’s, I think we will be okay!

Onto the game…  Ramon Del Orbe would start the night on the mound for the Hoppers.  He pitched 4 innings, allowed 7 hits, and slung 4 strikeouts.  Sadly though, one of the 7 hits allowed was the Grand Slam home run.  He was quickly replaced by Jheyson Manzueta.  He pitched 3 innings, allowed 2 hits, and no strikeouts.

The excitement for this game came in the bottom of the 8th inning.  Here’s the scenario, Hoppers down by 1.  The score is 5-4 Sand Gnats lead the game.  Jesus Solorzano steps up and smashes a solo home run tying the game at 5 apiece.  Cody Keefer would then triple on a fly ball to center fielder Brandon Nimmo causing Matt Juengel to score.  This would make the Hoppers up by one.  And you know the saying, it’s not over till it’s over… well the Hoppers were not ready for it to be over tonight! In the top of the 9th, the Sand Gnats were just like the bugs they are, and just would not go away.  They would score 3 more times in the 9th inning.  Putting them ahead 8-6 heading into the bottom of the ninth inning.  We have called them this several times on this blog, but the HEART ATTACK HOPPERS have struck again.  With one out, down by 2, Viosergy Rosa would belt a three run walk off home run to win the game! That made the final score 9-8. HOPPERS WIN!  HOPPERS WIN! HOPPERS WIN!

This was definitely an amazing night at the ballpark.  Please don’t forget in order to listen by way of radio you must go through our friends at greensborosports.com.

Box Score and Recap 

Bill on Baseball

Walk off Home runs, grand slams, hot dogs, and friends… thats what makes tonight… A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!



  1. jhosack87

    This sounds like an AMAZING night at the ballpark! I’m love working for this club. There is no better feeling in the world! Thanks for the review and the blog entry! I LOVE IT!

  2. Patrick

    What a wonderful blog. I like the details from beginning to end. Thanks again for saying you miss us. I was actually shocked how food prices went up. Other than that I loved being back at the park. Go Hoppers!

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