Hoppers Fan Blog 2013 Preview

Howdy, Hoppers Fans! Greg here, stopping in for a preview of what’s in store for the Hoppers Fan Blog in 2013. We’ll start by re-introducing ourselves.

Hopers Fans

Greg, Jordan, and Rorie hanging out with Guilford outside the stadium the weekend before the 2013 home opener.

I’m sure you all know Guildord, on the left edge of the bench. Next to him is me, Greg, holding my daughter, Rorie. On the right is the blog’s co-author, Jordan. We are the Hoppers Fans. I started this blog in February 2010 and in my first blog post, I talked about my season ticket for that year. 2010 was the first year I became a real baseball fanatic, and the blog posts that year reflect that. Everyone got to watch while I learned more about how baseball works — players moving up and moving down, etc. Everyone watched as I learned how to score baseball games (which I still love doing!) and collect autographs. The focus of Hoppers Fan blog started shifting from just me having fun at the park to really focusing on the team, and on what makes baseball in Greensboro special. That special feeling especially carried through the 2011 season, when the Hoppers won the SAL Championship! I made lots of friends as we all followed our team through the playoffs and the excitement built on itself with each game. It was a wonderful season. I even eventually congratulated the team on their championship win, several months after the fact. Also at that time, things got crazy for me. I had a new job that required lengthy commutes. My wife and I were expecting our first baby (who ended up arriving 2.5 months early). Baseball and blogging, sadly, kept slipping down. I was worried that the magic we were creating was beginning to fade.

But it didn’t fade. Instead, with the help of Jordan Stowe, the blog doubled down and delivered great content throughout the 2012 season. I introduced Jordan on the blog in April 2012 and he jumped in with both feet and a camera. I like to say that Jordan cranked it up a notch, as he took the blog further than I imagined it would go when I started it. Jordan expanded the blog’s reach beyond the family and friends that were reading it, putting it in front of the team players and their families. He captured tons of awesome pictures at games, both home and away. He followed some of the team down to Charleston, SC for last year’s All-Star game weekend. He introduced new features to the blog, such as the player spotlights, and more recently, the fan spotlights. Jordan’s been active on the Hoppers Fan Facebook page (where we’re at over 100 likes now!), too, loading the page with pictures and providing short updates with scoring notes as games go on. The work that Jordan has done helped get the blog prominent exposure on the Greensboro Sports website, which is helping even more people find this blog. In short, when I thought the blog was going to fade away, Jordan stepped up and made it even better.

And that brings us to 2013. What’s in store for Hoppers Fan? Well, to be completely honest, we’re not even sure. What we do know is that this is going to be the best year yet for the blog. It will certainly be interesting as we figure out our schedules: I’m at yet another job, this one much closer to home, and as Rorie continues to grow, I look forward to being able to bring her to as many games as she can stand. Jordan and his wife are expecting their first child in June (a girl), and having experienced fatherhood for the first time last year, I’m pretty sure that Jordan’s going to find himself at the ballpark a lot less often than he thinks he’ll be there. 😉 But that doesn’t mean the blog’s going away. We’re both planning on going to the game this Thursday for the home opener and at least one of us will write about it here. Jordan’s already been doing a great job of keeping up with the team’s away games and posting updates both here and on the Facebook page. That kind of reporting is going to continue. We’ve been batting around some ideas of other things we can do on the blog between homestands, when the Hoppers are on the road. The short version is that we’re both super-excited about continuing to work with this blog, and to make it the number one destination on the internet for where Hoppers fans can gather, talk about the team and players, and just have a great time.

This isn’t my blog anymore. This isn’t even Jordan’s and my blog. This blog belongs to all of us, to all of the Hoppers fans. Jordan and I are here to keep the lights on and provide a place were we can all gather and share our love for being not just fans of baseball, but being fans of the Greensboro Grasshoppers. To that end, if there is anything you’d like to see in the blog, let us know. If you took an awesome picture at one of the games, send it to us and let us put in on the blog so all the other fans can see it, too (like Eli and Pete have done in the past, e.g.). If you see either of us at the ballpark, come up and say “hi.” We love making new friends, and the ballpark is full of friends — some we’ve known for years and some we haven’t met yet.

We’re not the only place on the Internet to get info about the Hoppers, so if you’re enjoying what we’re putting up here, you’ll also going to want to check out some of the other sites that get Hoppers news. I’m looking at you, Greensboro Sports. I’m also looking at you, Bill on Baseball. Greensboro Sports covers *EVERYTHING* that is sports-related in Greensboro, including the Hoppers. Bill on Baseball is the official blog of the Greensboro Grasshoppers, written by Bill Hass, who often has player and coach interviews.

And I know you’ll want to keep up with us here at Hoppers Fan. In addition to this blog, we’re on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there as well. Join us here — leave a comment and let us know what you’re thinking!

Thanks for everything you’ve done for us at Hoppers Fan over the years. We’re excited about making this a year to remember!

Hoppers Fans Love Guilford

Jordan and Greg give Guilford a hug because they’re so happy that baseball is coming back to Greensboro.


See ya at the ballpark!
Email: hoppersfan@gmail.com
Twitter: @HoppersFan
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HoppersFan



  1. Minoring In Baseball

    Well, I know I’ll be getting a pic with Guilford when I’m down there!!! You guys do a great job, and I love seeing all of the ‘Hopper team pics, and all you fans having a great time. I’ll see everyone in about a month!

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