Spotlight of a Super Fan: Debbie Rodriguez

This weeks installment features one lady that was transplanted here from Irving, Texas. She is a die hard Texas sports fan. That’s Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Frisco RoughRiders, and the Dallas Cowboys. To those that know her, she is very loud and proud to support her teams. When she moved to Greensboro she was rather upset we didn’t have a pro sports team. So, she became a Grasshopper fan. And as a Grasshopper fan you can typically find her sitting near the pitchers bullpen and on the front row with her son, Eriq. He likes the hoppers games too! I had the opportunity to catch up with her and here’s what she had to say…



HoppersFan: How long have you been coming to the ballpark?

Rodriguez: My first Hopper’s game was in 2011, we sat right behind home plate..I moved her from Texas in December of 2010 where there were a lot of sports teams. I was really sad about not having any big time teams here in Greensboro…without having to drive so far. But, I can honestly say, that I was pleasantly surprised and was quickly hooked on the Grasshoppers.


HoppersFan: What has been your favorite giveaway?

Rodriguez: Honestly…I love Red Mango, so of course when a Hopper would hit a Home Run, they do a drawing for a $5 Red Mango gift card, I did win that a couple of times…But however, I do like the $1 hotdogs and $1 drinks.


HoppersFan: What is your favorite between inning game?

Rodriguez: I like the sausage race, is that what it is called? I think that it’s great that the interns don’t mind going out there and being a little silly for the fun of it…My kids have always wanted to be the one who gets to beat up the cockroach guy though…lol…


HoppersFan: Do you have a favorite Grasshopper player?

Rodriguez: Do dogs like to bark? I have to say that Josh Hodges and James Wooster are at the top of my list…They way that they act off the field, makes the way that they are on the field, that much better. They have a love of baseball and are greatful for the opportuinity to do something that they love to do and at the same time what they love to do also brings joy to others.


HoppersFan: Whats your coolest memory inside the ballpark?

Rodriguez: Seeing the 2011 team win the series to go to the Championship…to see them dogpile each other after no one thought they would get into to the playoffs that season to not only making the playoffs, but to be going to the Championship.


HoppersFan: Is there a particular person on staff or fan in the stands you want to give a shout out to?

Rodriguez: Murray White & Joey Burridge They were always great with everyone, especially my kids..always made them feel included.


Debbie Rodriguez also added…  “I would like to say that I have always like going to the games because it’s affordable and it has always been family oriented…I enjoy meeting the players and the coaches, make you feel like you are not only a fan but a part of a big family. I wish nothing but the best for the team this year and look forward to the upcoming season. ”


Until next installment of SuperFans…. WOOT WOO!  IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!


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