Mini Hopper Fan #2 is…….

Hey guys!  Jordan here.  A few of you guys have been asking me through facebook and other messaging services (texting and e-mail) when Shanna and I find out… boy or girl.  Many of you know, back around Thanksgiving I made a post letting you know that my wife and I were expecting!! It continues to prove to be an amazing process and learning experience, to say the least.  I say this as we are at 20 weeks.  I can’t wait to say this after 20 years, as I’m sure the learning process never stops.  It simply amazes me, how a small cell can develop into strong bones, fingernails, a heart that beats in rhythm, and a brain as complex as ours.  I am looking forward to taking Baby Stowe to the Grasshoppers and hearing WOOT WOO!  This wild ride is just beginning, if the suspense is killing you…

 775728_4371289045822_1720318341_oWE ARE GOING PINK!!!!

One thing I love about the Grasshoppers and Greensboro Baseball is that we are small family.  In the offseason, we laugh and cry together.  In season, sometimes, we still laugh and cry together.  It’s a family.  And this is what keeps fans coming back for more.  You can watch baseball anywhere you want.  The Dash are in Winston. Hi-Toms in Thomasville. Bulls are in Durham.  If you want good FAMILY fun and an atmosphere you can enjoy and bring your family to, this is the place.  It’s all about family with Greensboro Baseball, and once you’re here, you’re here.  This among many many other reasons is why… IT’S A WONDERFUL DAY TO BE A HOPPER!





  1. Minoring In Baseball

    Jordan-congrats on your baby being a little girl! Daughters are great, as they can love baseball and play, but also can be girly when they need to be, too. I’m sure she’ll be a daddy’s girl, and enjoy many Grasshoppers games with you over the years! I wish nothing but health and happiness for her.

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