Mini HopperFan #2 on the way!!!

As you may remember last season, the reason I started writing these blogs was partly due to the fact that Greg and his wife were expecting a baby (#1).  Sweet little Rorie was born during the baseball season last year.  And this offseason, I have some news of my own… My wife and I are EXPECTING!!!  Shanna is 9 weeks and 3 days.  We are very excited and are claiming this as God’s miracle to our little family.  I’ve talked to many people in and around the stadium and of all the questions or comments they could make, the one I hear the most is “HE/SHE IS GONNA BE A HOPPERS FAN, RIGHT?” Of course, my answer is yes!  We went for our first ultrasound about two weeks ago, and to see the heartbeat for the first time and just knowing that a new creation is being formed inside my wife is just simply beautiful! I am already loving every second of it, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this offseason holds for us.  According to the ultrasound, baby weighs about a gram, and is 3 cm long.   If you guys want I will do a gender reveal on the blog so you guys can enjoy and follow this with us!  Baby is due on June 12th, and according to the 2013 schedule we will be playing away at Lakewood against the blue claws… And the week after is the All Star Break, so who knows… looks like it might be an ALL STAR BABY!  Either way I’m happy and excited and am hopeful that this will be a fantastic offseason full of wonder and cheer.

Now, Greg and I were talking the other night and something came up… 2 years ago, Greg started writing the blog, last year had a baby.  Last Season I wrote the blog, this year we are having a baby.  If you are seeing the pattern… Do we have any takers for next season?  HaHa!

Until next update this offseason, remember to always go WOO WOO at the end of every National Anthem this offseason, and who can forget… ITS A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!



  1. Pam & Judson Cooper

    What wonderful news!! Congratulations to everyone. And sorry, no takers but would love grandchildren! p

    • Greg

      Mike — Thanks so much for the kind words. I’ve been following the RSS on your blog for a few seasons, and enjoy it very much. I enjoy all the great pictures of your beloved Whitecaps, especially the ones with your kids.

      Please let us know when you find yourself in Greensboro. We’d love to give you a warm welcome to our stadium!


      • Minoring In Baseball

        Thanks, a lot! Our plan is to hit a Grasshoppers game on Sunday, May 12 (4:00 pm). The trip still has a little planning involved, and the single game tix haven’t gone on sale yet, but that’s the game we’ll try to make. I’m excited, too, because from what I’ve read and heard, Greensboro has the best baseball atmosphere and a great stadium. Would be great to meat you guys!

  2. Jordan

    Mike let us know closer to time before you buy tickets, we might can do a little something for you. We love our fans and bringing new people to the stadium.

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