What a fantastic ride this season has been…. (a recap of the Hoppers Fan Blog)

I wanna start the blog tonight by doing a recap of this crazy season and ending with the way it should be (almost) the Championship game tonight.  As you may remember back in April I started writing the blog with Greg.  Greg and his wife, Meredith, were expecting a baby girl.  Greg also started working in Cary, which is about an hour away, to those reading from afar.  I remember sitting under the umbrellas at the “SUNBRELLA” zone reminiscing about the offseason and the changes in this years blog.  We even joked about not writing a Championship blog last year until mid-october.  Greg’s daughter, Rorie, has since been born and is a beautiful healthy baby girl.  Greg actually bought her a onesy at the game tonight.  This season saw greatness.  This season saw the first no hitter in greensboro history behind Jose Fernandez and Greg Nappo relieving.  This season I got the distinct privilege of going down to Charleston and watching the All Star Game.  While there I watched them sling home runs off an aircraft carrier.  This season saw three home runs back to back to back.  This season saw the reigning SAL Champions return to the Championship series.  This season allowed me the opportunity through writing this blog to meet people I never would and develop friendships with people that won’t fade during the offseason.  Here are some shoutouts to name a few, Jonathon Flournoy, Murray White, Daniel Metcalf, Don Moore, Andy Durham, Robert Stutts, Brian Jones, Debbie Rodriguez, Jim Scott, Danny Mackey, the list goes on… If I’ve forgotten to mention you, please don’t be offended.   This season was about YOU the fans reading this blog.  This year was a great baseball season, yes, but more than anything, it was about the Bark In The Park, the Star Wars Night.  It was about watching Jim Scott crash and burn as he tried to sled down Natty’s Hill during Christmas in July.  Or the guy standing out front of the stadium apologizing for stealing the Babe Statue.  This year was truly special and for that I thank Greg Cohoon for allowing me this opportunity to not only write a blog to you guys, but also be given the chance to experience baseball in a whole new light.  And for that I say thank you Greg!  It has truly been a pleasure!!!  That being said…. on to tonight….


Tonight, there was something in the air… Was it the smell of the hot dogs?  The smell of freshly chalked lines on the field?  Or was it perhaps the buzz about the defending SAL Champions had come back to town to claim what was theirs?  It was none of that… well, maybe the smell of hot dogs… But it definately lacked the zeal of a championship night.  The stands were about equally divided.  There were just as many Asheville fans as there were Greensboro fans tonight.  I think Ryan McIntyre said it best tonight on his Facebook, “There isn’t a [worse] feeling than watching another team dog pile on your home field to end your season…”  And to that, I say, you’re right.  But let me hand it to Asheville, they played their hearts out.  i’m not saying Greensboro didn’t but when Asheville won it tonight, they could barely walk off the field?  Why? Because they left it all on the field.  The Hoppers should be proud of what they accomplished and look at where they came even with all the crazy midseason transactions that saw three first rounders come and go.   They overcame a lot to get where they were, and I think they should be commended on that.  It makes me proud to be a Hoppers fan.  Next season the blog may be different entirely, who knows… but one thing I do know for certain… WOO WOO… IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!!!

Jordan Stowe, signing off till next season….

Jim Scott, had this to say in regards to tonight… “Congratulations to the Asheville Tourists, 2012 Champions of the South Atlantic League. Cheers to Joe Mikulik and his team on a well-deserved win, and also to the Tourists’ fans and the City of Asheville on a tremendous accomplishment. Our beloved Greensboro Grasshoppers gave us a pennant and a lot of unforgettable personalities. We had a great team and it’s been a season to remember. Now, as the trembles of roaring crowds fade, we cheer for the thrills of memories made. Let wintering skies spy a field in repose, a fount from which friend, from which champion flows. Cheers ya’ll. See you next season…”

All photos from tonight can be seen here

For a full recap and box score from tonight please click here.


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