Andrew Heaney makes sure the Suns don’t rise again in Game 1

The man pictured above is what all the buzz is about tonight in Hagerstown, Maryland.  This man was selected in the first round, 7th overall by the Miami Marlins.  This man has an astounding ERA of .495 coming into tonight.  He has already accumulated 21 strikeouts in 3 games.  After tonight that average will likely go up and his “K Count” will improve to 29 strikeouts in four games.  He is a graduate of Oklahoma State.  He is a phenomenal addition to the Hoppers, especially around playoff time.  This man is Andrew Heaney.  Heaney threw for 7 innings and had 8 strikeouts tonight versus the Hagerstown Suns.


Tonight started game 1 of the Greensboro Grasshoppers return to greatness, by not only making the playoffs 2 years in a row for the first time ever, but it also is the hope and dream that we can repeat as champions.  Tonight our boys looked like they could do just that!  They looked like the team destined to do just that.  Like I’ve said many times this year, THERE JUST IS NO QUIT IN OUR BOYS!  That being said I’ll jump right into the action.  Aaron “Senne in the city” went an unbelievable 3 for 3 on the night and coming across home plate for a run.  The only other player to cross the plate (2) tonight, was Brent Keys, the current batting leader for the SAL LEAGUE.  Brent Keys batting average is .334 on the season.  Pitchers tonight as I mentioned Heaney was starter on the mound tonight he saw 28 batters and had 8 strikeouts.  The Hoppers won tonight against Hagerstown by the score of 3-1.  They will return to  Greensboro, NC for the last two games in this best of three series.  If the Hoppers win Friday they will play either the Rome Braves or the Asheville Tourist for the Championship.  As always be sure to check out Bill Hass’ Bill On Baseball and click here for full recap and box score from tonights game.  IN THE PLAYOFFS… THIS IS JORDAN STOWE, AND IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!


(Note: Don’t forget you can click on all players teams above to be linked to their stat pages and websites. This way you can keep up with your favorite players and teams throughout the playoffs!)


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