Hagerstown Suns down Hoppers 8-0

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I have wrote anything on here.  I have been rather busy lately and to be quite honest, there hasn’t really been much news worthy in the Hoppers realm.  There have been quite a few roster moves as well. Charlie Lowell was sent to Jupiter today.  Brent Keys was also activated again to the roster after spending some time away due to a wrist injury.  First rounder Andrew Heaney came to town about 3 weeks ago.  He’s been lighting up lately as well.  His throws remind me of the Adam Conley/Jose Fernandez pitching we saw early in the year.  Anthony Gomez, a second baseman, also came to town two days ago by way of Jamestown.  The Hoppers are now 77-56 on the season and currently 7.5 games back going into the final six games of the season.


Tonights game Greensboro played host to the Hagerstown Suns of Hagerstown, MD.  It was a tough game on all accounts.  The Hoppers only managed to muster up 3 hits the entire game.  Those hits were produced by Brent Keys, Aaron Senne, and Matt Smith.  Hagerstown would send 8 players across the plate on 13 hits.

Josh Hodges started on the mound tonight.  He would sling for 5 innings, allowing 4 hits, 4 strikeouts, 3 runs, and 1 home run.  It is safe to say, tonight was not a good night for Mr Hodges.  Brad Mincey would come in and replace Hodges on the mound pitching 1.1 innings and allowing 5 hits and 3 more runs.  He would be quickly relieved by John Omahen which threw 2.2 innings and allowed 4 hits and 2 more runs.  It seemed as though the pitching was contagious tonight.  The hoppers lost tonight to the score of 8-0.

Rather it’s a Win or a loss we still bleed Orange and Green and again I echo the sentiment… IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!!!


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