Wooster’s Two Run Homer In The 8th Revives Hoppers

I got to the game a little late today.  My cousin Jarrett Mays, stayed over last night.  He’s in the Military so we stayed up pretty late talking.  He’s in the Army Reserves and is a very well respected young man.  I say that to introduce today’s installment.  We stayed up last night talking about baseball mostly.  He’s a Braves fan… I’m obviously a Marlins fan.  The more I talked to him the more I realized the true entertainment/big league value we have here in the ballpark in Greensboro.  He said he had been to several Braves games at Turner Field in Atlanta.  I was telling him about all the great promotions and events they have here in Greensboro.  It was with that I realized that we truly do have the best ballpark in the Minor Leagues.  So coming into todays game, I was already excited and then how the game was won today, fired me up even more.  So thanks Jarrett for helping me get fired up for today’s game.


Like I said, I got there late today.  It was in the third inning that I arrived.  I looked up at the scoreboard and it was 1-0 Delmarva on top.  Of course, I was kinda irritated that I was late to the game and on top of that we were losing.  But the plays that would come were pretty spectacular!  I stayed most the night at the K ZONE with Mr Don Moore and Robert Stutts.  I always enjoy talking to those guys.  They got to throw down two K’s on the board tonight, including one on the BISCUITVILLE LUCKY STRIKEOUT VICTIM, so everyone in attendance got a voucher for a free biscuit!  That is probably my favorite promotion.  I love not having to pay for breakfast!  Back to the game, when I got there the score was 1-0.  To tell you how exciting today’s game was, the scores were off of a SOLO HOMERUN, a close controversial SLIDE HOME, and a TWO RUN HOMER blasted by James Wooster.  It was definitely great on the offensive side.  Hoppers win it 4-3 over the Delmarva Shorebirds.  James Woosters two run homer in the 8th was his 10th Homer of the year.  The Hoppers improve to 20-24 in the second half.  They are currently five games back in the division.  They are also 66-48 overall on the season.

Be sure to come out tomorrow to support the Hoppers in their last day game of the season.  It is also Money Off Monday, where all Beer, Sodas, and Hot Dogs are only a dollar!  Come on out and remember IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!


Click here for full recap of todays game along with box score, you may also be interested in Bill Hass’ BILL ON BASEBALL



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