Suns Shining Not As Bright As Hoppers Win It In Extras

The last time I took a panoramic picture of the inside of a ballpark was when I was in Charleston covering the All Star Game.  Tonights game was very reminiscent of that night for several reasons, but mostly because of the high energy and upbeat tempo that electrified the stadium.  Something that has been absent the last couple nights.  I was going to title tonights installment “SLIDERS ON SPECIAL” because there seemed like there was an awful lot more slides into base than there normally is.  It was a very closely contested game in that regard.  For instance, Ryan Goetz in the third inning, dove back to first, stole to second sliding in, and then arrived to third, again by a slide in.  And that was just one example.  The crowd seemed a little thin tonight, but the weather proved to be a great evening for baseball.  Very cool and somewhat breezy with a hint of drizzle or mist every now and then.

Jose Urena, which is Miami’s #11 top prospect, started oon the mound tonight.  He would pitch 6 innings, allowed 3 hits, and five strikeouts.  At one point I looked up at the “JETS PIZZA K ZONE” and it seemed like every other batter they were dropping a K.  Don Moore and his gang were definitely kept busy tonight, as Urena would be relieved by Johnny Omahen.  Omahen would throw 2 innings, allowed NO HITS and 2 strikeouts.  Omahen would be relieved by James Nygren who pitched 2 innings, allowed 2 hits, and 0 strikeouts.  For a combined total of 7 strikeouts on the night.

The balls were flying deep all night, they just couldn’t get the extra 5-10 feet needed to collect the Home Run.  I had the opportunity to speak with Brent Keys tonight who was at the Autograph Booth.  He said that he has been taking BP and that he is expecting to come back in about 8-10 days due to a Hamstring injury.  He also notified me that Austin Barnes was back in the lineup tonight as well.  Barnes had an okay night tonight, with four at bats and no hits.  His defensive plays on second I thought were very well.  Considering he was coming back after suffering a shoulder injury late last week verse Hickory.  Ryan McIntyre has also been placed on the DL due to a concussion he incurred during an off field incident.  Terrence Dayleg took third base giving heavy hitter, Josh Adams, the night off.

Hagerstown had the lead 2-0 all the way to the bottom of the 7th.  In the bottom of the second, Aaron Senne would score on a throwing error.  Ryan Rieger would also score that inning on a James Wooster single.  Tying the game at 2-2 in the 7th inning.  It would remain 2-2 till the tenth inning.  Hagerstown would score on a grounder making it 3-2 in the top of the tenth.  As we know, the heart attack hoppers don’t get that name for nothing.  Ryan Reiger would step back up to the plate in the bottom of the tenth and BLAST a two run homer sending Austin Barnes and Himself across home plate making the final score 4-3.  HOPPERS WIN!  HOPPERS WIN!  HOPPERS WIN!

I can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow night, as tomorrow night is Halloween Night.  They are encouraging everyone to wear Halloween Costumes in the ballpark.  Be looking for some funny and crazy pictures from tomorrow nights game.  And again, rather its a win in extras or a loss by 15, it’s still A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!


(Note: You can click on all pictures to enlarge them to embed them, I’ll have all pictures from tonight on the HoppersFan page tonight)


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