Woof-Woo! Hoppers Bark Up Another Win!!!


Notice anything different about the lawn seats?  Thats right, it was Bark In The Park tonight!  They had several games involving the dogs.  They allow the fans to bring along their dogs to come and enjoy the game.  Of course, the cute little pooches needed a ticket as well, pinned the “puppy pass”.   It makes for an incredibly fun night at the ballpark.  I spent a lot of the night over in the lawn seating tonight.  It was a great game as well.


The game tonight started with the whirling fastballs from Jose Urena.  Jose is one pitcher that has a tremendous arm and is currently listed as one of the Miami Marlins top 20 prospects.  It was nothing shorter than a pitching duel between the Legends and the Hoppers.  Jose nor Cruz  (from lexington) would allow a run till the 8th inning.  And that would go to the Lexington Legends.  So, in the middle of the 8th inning the score was 1-0 Lexington.  Brent Keys would start off the inning with a triple on a line drive to right field.  Austin Barnes would then single.  With two men on base. Aaron Senne would step up to the plate slamming a three run homer deep to right field.  Making the score 3-1 Greensboro.  That homer would prove to be the hit the Hoppers needed to secure the victory.  With the win tonight the Hoppers improve to an impressive 49-27 on the year and an incredible, 27-8 at home!  Tonight was definitely one worth barking for! They improve to 3-3 in the second half standings.


Between the dogs barking, the three run homer, and the big win over Lexington tonight, it proved to be an incredible night at the stadium.  And what better way to end an evening of Bark In The Park, than by saying… WOOF WOO… IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!


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