Heart Attack Hoppers Rally For The Win!!

To say this game was exciting is a severe understatement!  IT WAS DOWNRIGHT INCREDIBLE!!!  Tonight the Hoppers played host to the Lexington Legends from Lexington, KY.  In the bottom of the 9th the score was 8-5 Lexington.  The hoppers would need three runs just to tie it, and had three outs to do it in.  And do it they did!!  They rallied behind a Ryan McIntyre triple that would send James Wooster in to score one run making it 8-6.  Then Ryan McIntyre and Terrence Dayleg would score tying the game at 8, sending the game into extra innings.  Hoppers Veteran Chris Shafer, from last years amazing championship season, would come in to pitch the extra innings.  All hope seemed to be lost in the 13th inning when Delino DeShields from Lexington hit a three run homer to make it 11-8 and a mighty steep mountain for the Hoppers to climb.  But climb it they shall!  One thing I’ve learned about being a Hopper Fan.  You can NEVER count out these guys.  Bottom of the 13th inning down by three, one out, Terrence Dayleg is walked to first.  Rand Smith singles on a ground ball to third base sending Dayleg to second.  Ryan Goetz would then single on a line drive to center field, loading the bases!!  Austin Barnes would then come up.  Austin Barnes had a heck of a night tonight.  He had eight at bats on five hits!  His biggest hit would come next in the game, he would double on a line drive to center field bringing in two runners, Terrence Dayleg and Rand Smith.  Austin on Second, Goetz on Third.  Aaron Senne would single sending Ryan Goetz home to score.   Josh Adams steps up to the plate, launches the ball deep to right field… Austin Barnes crosses the plate!!!  HOPPERS WIN!!!  HOPPERS WIN!!!!  HOPPERS WIN!!!  


It took 13 innings to do it, but our boys did it!  Notable players tonight was the obvious Austin Barnes getting 5 hits off 8 at bats.  Ryan Reiger had 7 at bats, 4 hits, and 1 home run.  Ryan McIntyre had 6 at bats with 3 hits.  Tonight, was truly incredible and one for the books.  

Pitchers tonight were Charlie Lowell, who pitched three innings, 4 strikeouts, and allowed 2 runs.  All Star Greg Nappo, who pitched 4 innings and had 1 strikeout.  John Omahen who threw 3 innings allowed 3 hits, and 1 strikeout.  Chris Shafer finished out the night with 3 innings pitched, allowing 6 hits, and no strikeouts.  

Whether its a short top of the ninth inning game or a long 4 hour and 6 minute game, I continue to echo the sentiment, IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!!!   

-jordan  (woot woo!!) 


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