Greetings from the All Star Break in Charleston!  We have been taking in all the sights and sounds of the break.  We started it off last night by attending the Welcome Luau to welcome in the players and to have a great start to  the week.  Honestly, the Luau left a lot to be desired.  None of the players even showed up for the party.  It was kinda like being at a Charleston Riverdogs office meeting and we just happened to be there.  But we still enjoyed the scenery and the good times anyway. 

Today was the Home Run Derby on board the USS Yorktown!  It was awesome!!!  Imagine this if you will.  Onboard the flight deck of the famous USS Yorktown, F-16 fighter jets scattered all around the deck, the leagues heaviest bats, and smiling proudly because you are wearing your SAL League 2011 Champions shirt.  It was an awesome experience to say the least.The batters went through the order and just tattooed the balls out into the harbor, where Coastguard boats were sitting waiting to snag the baseballs hit down there.  Matthew Skole was the biggest heavy hitter today.  He jacked up hit after hit.  The final round will take place tomorrow before the All Star game.  The Miller High Life guy from the commercial was there shooting a commercial as well.  They were the big sponsors of the Home Run Derby.


The heavy hitters today were:

Mark Haddow- Kannapolis

Alen Hensen- West Virginia

Gregory Polanco- West Virginia

Rangel Rovelo- Kannapolis

Matthew Skole- Hagerstown

Matt Duffy- Lexington

Zachary Johnson- Lexington

Harold Riggins- Asheville

William Swanner- Asheville

Travis Tajieron- Savannah


My friend and I were the only ones sporting Hoppers gear down there today.  Hopefully tomorrow at the game we won’t feel so lonely as Greensboro fans.  Our seats are directly behind home plate, so keep watching out for an indepth review of the game.  Looking forward to seeing our boys down here tomorrow at the fan fest and game.  As an autograph collector that I am, I can not wait to get to fan fest. 

I have been taking a ton of pictures so as soon as we get back tomorrow night/Wednesday morning I’ll be uploading all of them to the Hoppers Fan page on Facebook. 

Thanks for reading and we will continue to update you throughout the all star break.  From the beachfront luau, to the Flight deck of the USS Yorktown, to the ballpark in Charleston I echo the sentiment, IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!




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