Champagne cork must stay on for another night…

As Adam Conley took the mound tonight, excitement was buzzing all around.  Tonight could be the night we clinch the playoffs by winning the first half.  All we needed was either a Hagerstown loss or a Greensboro win.  Either one of those would have solidified our first back to back playoff appearances in 29 years.  But, Hagerstown beat West Virginia 5-2 in extra innings, and Charleston spoiled the party by defeating Greensboro by a score of 5-2.  Charleston would get on top and would never allow Greensboro to get ahead.  Greensboro has to win one of it’s last two games or Hagerstown has to lose one of their last two.  Either one of those scenarios and Hoppers secure a spot in the playoffs!  With our first rounder Jose Fernandez taking the mound tomorrow night, it is looking mighty optimistic.  



Tonight, Adam Conley was on the mound starting off.  He threw five innings, allowed eight hits, three runs, and four strikeouts.  John Omahen relieved him for two innings.  Omahen allowed three hits, no strikeouts, and allowed two runs.  Chris Shafer, up from Jupiter on the DL, relieved Omahen for the remaining two innings.  You may remember Shafer from last years Championship team.  He allowed two hits and five strikeouts.  

ImageHoppers to cross the plate tonight were Austin Barnes and Matt Smith.  Rand Smith’s batting average improves to a .235.  Brent Keys improves to a .356. Ryan McIntyre improves to a .325.  

ImageAll photos seen here are also on Facebook on the Hoppers Fan page.  Please be sure to check them out.




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