Greensboro Hops All Over Lexington: 13-4 Victory!

Todays afternoon game was absolutely incredible!  Shanna had a baby shower to go to this afternoon, so I invited my nephew Jaxon to join me.  I always enjoy when he tags along, because he is a constant reminder of the true joy and the fun of the game.  He, like myself, is a big fan of getting autographs and Home Run balls.  Tonight Wilfredo Gimenez, hit a ground rule double over the fence in center field, right into Jaxons hand.  Naturally, Jaxon had to get Wilfredo to sign his ball after the game.


The above picture is of Terrence Dayleg, who had 5 at bats, with one hit and one run.  Adam Conley was the starting pitcher today.  I truly can not wait to see him throw in the big leagues.  He is definitely something special.  He was averaging around 95 mph with an accurate fastball straight down the middle.  Conley pitched 6 innings, saw 25 batters, allowed 7 hits, and 5 strikeouts.  The Hoppers to cross the plate tonight were: Josh Adams (off a solo home run), Ryan McIntyre (2), Matt Smith, James Wooster (2), Terrence Dayleg (2), Wilfredo Gimenez and Rand Smith both shared 3 runs each, for a total of 13 runs.  Hoppers won huge tonight!  With Hagerstowns loss today and Greensboro’s win we move up to 2.5 games ahead of the second place team, Hagerstown.  This is bound to be an exciting week. Below are some of the pictures I got today at the game.  All of the photos will be posted on the Hoppers Fan Facebook page.  Be sure to check them out and comment!  Thanks for reading and remember it is because of this, I echo the sentiment heard round the ballpark… IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!


Ryan McIntyre out in Right Field





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