Sweet Caroline! Myron Noodleman was in the house!

Tonight, comedian Myron Noodleman was in the ballpark.  To those that don’t know who he is, he is quite the character.  He was the between inning entertainment for the night.  Though he was mostly corny and cheesy he did provide some light humor to mask the score.  Tonight, Greensboro played host to the Lexington Legends, the Houston Astros affiliate.  Charlie Lowell was the Grasshoppers starting pitcher.  The first 4 innings he allowed 7 hits and 3 runs.  The Grasshoppers would send a total of four pitchers out to the mound to try to mount a comeback.  The mountain was too steep a hill to climb.  With a score of 6-2 as the final, Lexington walks away with the victory.  The two Hoppers to cross the plate were Brent Keys and John Shultz.  John Shultz is a brand spanking new outfielder that was moved up to Greensboro this week.  He hit his very first Home Run last night for Greensboro.  He has only been with Greensboro 4 days and already making a name for himself!  

The real winner of the game last night… NC Bar-B-Que BBQ NACHOS!  At only five dollars, they are by far the best deal in the ballpark!  Nacho chips smothered in cheese, loaded with Jalapeños, and then topped with Chicken BBQ.  Boy Howdy, They are so good it’ll make you slap your mama!  Twice.  Next time you are at the ballpark, be sure to check them out.  They are sold at all major concession stands inside.  

                                             FANominal Fireworks Friday!






  1. Greg

    I’ll have to check out the BBQ Nachos, but I’m still guessing that the Taylor Made Kettle Corn is the best deal in the park! 😉

    • Jordan

      Yeah the Kettle Corn is definitely good as well! But I figured the Kettle corn was a given, between the Kettle Corn and the bbq nachos, the stadium is upping its game when it comes to food.

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