2012 All Star Roster announced!!!

I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time now, THE 2012 ALL STAR ROSTER has been announced!!!  This year the Greensboro Grasshoppers lead the pack with eight players and two coaches featured.  Hickory will have five players, Hagerstown and Kannapolis will both have four, and Delmarva will have one.  The Northern All Stars will be coached by Greensboros very own, David Berg.  The All Star Game will be played at the Charleston Riverdogs Stadium in Charleston, SC.  The Home Run Derby will take place on board the USS Yorktown stationed in the Charleston Harbor.  The All Star break last from June 18 through the 20.

Here’s a breakdown of the players chosen to represent Greensboro:

Austin Barnes      (Starting catcher)
Brent Keys                       (OF)
Josh Adams                     (SS)
Matt Smith                      (1B)
Jose Fernandez   (Starting Pitcher)
Adam Conley                (LHP)
Greg Nappo                 (LHP)  
Kevin Cravey              (RHP)
David Berg 
Blake McGinley 

As I mentioned before, I will be making the trip down to Charleston to witness the high flying home run balls off the USS YORKTOWN and into the Charleston harbor.  So keep your eye out for blogs and photos from that adventure!  As I say so many times, it still seems so ever true; IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!

Congratulations and thank you to all our guys for their hard work and efforts this season!  You guys truly make Greensboro baseball what it is!  I’m referring to the players, the fans, the coaches, the hot dog venders, anyone and everyone that adds that touch to make it extra special to be a part of this ball club!  You guys rock!


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