Hoppers Swat The Gnats Away

Tonights game proves and shows why the Grasshoppers are in a commanding 6.5 game lead over the second place team, the Hagerstown Suns.  With the Austin Brice/Jose Urena tandem on the mound tonight, it was quite the spectacle.  By the end of the 7th inning the Hoppers were comfortably sitting at a score of 8-1.  But, like most Gnats, they were pesky and they just wouldn’t go away.  In the bottom of the 7th inning the Gnats would score three runs, which included a back to back home run, the first of which was a two run homer.  The Hoppers would answer in the 8th as Austin Barnes would cross the plate for the last time this game, making the score 8-4.  And once again the pesky gnats would score another two off another two run homer.  But, the Hoppers had built too high a mountain for the Gnats to overcome!  The final tonight was Greensboro 8, Savannah 6.  

Pitching stats for tonight are as follows; Austin Brice pitched 5 innings, saw 25 batters, 5 strikeouts, and allowed 7 hits.  Jose Urena pitched 4 innings, saw 19 batters, 2 strikeouts and allowed 6 hits.

The Hoppers crossing the plate tonight were Austin Barnes, Ryan McIntyre (2), Ryan Reiger (2), Josh Adams, Terrence Dayleg, and Tony Caldwell.

With this win the Grasshoppers maintain 6.5 games ahead of Hagerstown and with only two weeks before the all star break, things are looking good! The All Star Roster will come out Tuesday, stay tuned and as soon as it’s posted you guys will be the first to know!  And for those that haven’t heard, the Charleston Riverdogs are the sponsor this year for the All Star game.  The Annual Home Run Derby will take place on board the USS Yorktown stationed in the Charleston Harbor.  How cool is that?  I am planning on going down to watch the All Star festivities so stay tuned for all the pictures and blogs from those couple days!  Thanks for the support and remember IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!



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