Pass the TUMS… Heart Attack Hoppers are at it again!

Between all the malfunctions tonight on the field, I don’t really know where to begin. I must say I was a little disoriented not having the scoreboard up and running.  I guess with all the use it got during the ACC Tournament last week, it had about all it could take.  The scoreboard was off for the majority of the game.  I know this had to play to Hagerstown advantage.  I say that because the scoreboard went off in the third inning and the Hagerstown Suns scored 6 runs that inning.  Charlie Lowell was the pitcher on the mound.  Thankfully, we have an awesome PA Announcer in Jim Scott that gave us the pitching counts and so forth. However, it was distracting to the players I’m sure.

The reason for the TUMS after the 6 run inning is this…  Everyone around the ballpark by now know that you truly can’t count out the Hoppers.  Greensboro Baseball just has a will to win that can not be matched.  In the top of the fifth, Hagerstown would score again, making it 7-0.  Thats a mighty steep hill to climb to most.  Good thing the Hoppers strapped on their cleats and started to climb.  In the bottom of the 5th, Wilfredo Gimenez would cross the plate off of a Terrence Dayleg single.  Which while I’m at it, Wilfredo had an excellent game tonight, I thought.  But he would cross the plate making it 7-1.  Hagerstown would then score two more in the ninth inning.  Just as everyone stood to put their rally caps on, bottom of the ninth, Matt Smith gets a walk,  heads to first. Next pitch, Wilfredo would single, moving Matt Smith to second.  Austin Barnes would then be walked to load the bases.  Up walks Ryan Goetz to the plate… GRAND SLAM HOME RUN to unload the bases!!!  This would make the score 9-6 in the bottom of the ninth, Hagerstown’s favor.  James Wooster steps up to the plate, line drive single causing Terrence Dayleg to score.  Making it 9-7, and that would end up as the final.  This game was an incredible game to be at and to proudly be able to claim to be a part of this Greensboro Baseball family.

This game tonight proves that on today, Memorial Day, soldiers fight under the same flag our boys fought back on the field tonight.  And just like the many soldiers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and our very own Grasshoppers, tonight… I SALUTE YOU!  And it is with that sentiment that I say it is, and always will be, a GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!



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