Heart Attack Hoppers do it again!

Wow… Where to start?  Todays day game was truly incredible.  Our boys keep finding the will to win!  I was at home today, as some of you know, today was my wife’s birthday.  We spent most the day celebrating and since she is not a fan of baseball, the game was not on our agenda today.  However, as I know you know, I had my phone close by and ears open because, I on the other hand, can’t be too far from my hoppers.

When I first checked it out it was 3-0 Kannapolis leading in the top of the fourth.  I was very shaken by this because the Hoppers are on a 14 home game winning streak. But they don’t get the name Heart Attack Hoppers for nothing.  I was quickly put to ease when Brent Keys crossed the plate in the bottom of the 4th.  However it was still 3-1 at this point, Greensboro trailing.  In the fifth inning Kannopolis would score again, making it 4-1.  But, all is well, because in the 6th inning Greensboro would score 5 runs.  I was updating on my phone, and it seemed like that inning lasted forever!  Definitely missed being at the ballpark today. But, back to baseball.  Matt Smith sent another one toward the sun and over the fence on a three run homer.  Those five hoppers players to cross the plate that inning were Austin Barnes, Brent Keys, Ryan Reiger, Josh Adams, Matt Smith. Kannapolis scored a couple more runs the next two innings and the Hoppers had one a piece for the next inning.  Kannapolis scored twice in the top of the 9th putting them up, 9-8.  I had chiseled my nails down to the bone I was so nervous.  But the hoppers never disappoint.  In the Bottom of the 9th, Ryan Goetz scores off a line drive Single, tying it up.  EXTRA INNINGS!  Both teams remain scoreless in the 10th.  The intimidators remained scoreless in the 11th.  The Grasshoppers saw their chance to end it then, and end it they did!  Ryan Reiger shot one over the fence for a two run homer to win the game!  HOPPERS WIN AGAIN!!!  With that win the Hoppers advance to 28-10 on the season and 14 games straight won at home.  Hoppers remain 6 games ahead of 2nd place.

It is fans like you, and like myself, that make Greensboro Baseball what it’s all about.  Rain or shine, in the stands or not, I bleed Green and Orange.  And it is with that statement that I proudly exclaim… ITS A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!

By the way, I will be at the game tomorrow night with camera.  So look out for some great pictures!


Thanks for the great write-up, Jordan. I was able to catch most of the game on the radio, and it was indeed a case of the Heart Attack Hoppers showing up again. For the official report, check out the box score and game recap. And be sure to also keep an eye on the Bill on Baseball blog for more great Hoppers commentary, including some behind-the-scenes insight from the manager and players on this most recent ugly win.



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