Hoppers only need 8 to quiet Intimidators

This is becoming a common scene around Greensboro, or so it seems.  But rain or no rain, these bats are heavy!  Pregame it rained all night Sunday night and most the morning.  It cleared up long enough to get in 8 innings.  And in the 8th inning it just came on down.  And with lightening present in the area, they went ahead and called it without a delay.

So what is a game like when the seats are mostly empty?  Interesting.  No YMCA, a lot of the between inning games were done by hoppers staff, as opposed to kids.  One must not forget though, it still was Money off Mondays, 1 dollar hot dogs and 1 dollar drinks.  So all was not a wash. Jack McKeon was around before the game so we got to talk to him and get an autograph to add to my collection.

Ryan Goetz in the outfield

Austin Brice started out the night on the mound.  He threw 5 innings and had 4 strikeouts. Jose Urena pitched 2 innings and had 1 strikeout and allowed no hits!  Greensboro hopped off to an early lead, by the fourth inning it was 8-0.  The Grasshoppers crossing home were: Austin Barnes, Brent Keys, Matt Smith, Aaron Senne, and Ryan Goetz.  Hoppers again get the victory at home over Kannapolis Intimidators by a score of 8-3.  With this win they are now 26-10 on the season!

Once again, it was an exciting game.  Rain or shine, these boys are on fire!  They still have not lost at home since April 11, 2012, 6 days after opening day!    They are now 6 games ahead of second place.  Which means, they can lose the next 5 in a row and still be in first place!!  Thats an awesome place to be.  As always I echo the sentiment heard round the ballpark, IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A HOPPER!



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