Hoppers Hit The Road

I hope everyone enjoyed the most recent Hoppers homestand. And I hope the team enjoyed their day off yesterday. Starting today, the boys will be playing a seven-game stretch away, four against the Hickory Crawdads and three against the West Virginia Power. Currently, the Hoppers are tied with Hickory for first place, so it will be great if we can take that series. It’s too early in the season for that to mean anything, but it’s nice to see the team on top. After the thrill-ride that was last season, I’m really hoping that the team just goes ahead and secures a playoff spot by virtue of winning the first half of the season.

Stick around for any other thoughts Jordan and I might have while the Hoppers are away. And if you’re not already reading the Bill On Baseball blog, you need to add that to your reading list. Bill’s always got great insight on the team, including quotes from the players and coaching staff. While I’m giving shout-outs to other members of the “Hoppers Family,” I want to tip my hat to Andy Durham and the folks at WPET 950 AM. When I’m not able to make it to the park, I try to listen to the game on the radio or online. There’s nothing like being in the park, but listening to Andy describe the action is a good substitute. Far and away, the best way to keep up with the broadcasts online — both for home games and away games — is via the Grasshoppers Broadcast page on GreensboroSports.com. They have live streaming video for home games and links to all the other teams online broadcasts for away games. Big thanks to Don Moore for keeping that site going strong.

Let’s hope the Hoppers can keep the momentum going on the road and come back to Greensboro for an exciting series at home starting next week. Ironically, the next homestand will be somewhat of a repeat of their away games — three against Hickory and four against West Virginia. Hopefully, I’ll even be able to make it out to the park for a game or two.


See ya at the ballpark!
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