Pictures From Pete

Pete Peters is one of the other Hoppers fans I’ve gotten to know this year. I chat with him at the tunnel while we’re seeking autographs from time to time. And he’s got a really cool camera and lens that he takes a lot of great pictures with. Remember a few weeks ago when I got Jameson Tallion’s autograph on a really cool 8×10? Pete’s the one who took the picture that I got autographed.

After last night’s win, Pete emailed me a handful of great pictures from the game and gave me permission to share them here on the blog. So, without further delay, here they are:

Richmond Caught Stealing

Richmond Caught Stealing (Photo Credit: Pete Peters)

Marcell Ozuna Scores One Of Several Tying Runs

Marcell Ozuna Scores One Of Several Tying Runs (Photo Credit: Pete Peters)


Celebration (Photo Credit: Pete Peters)

"We did it"

"We did it" (Photo Credit: Pete Peters)

Thanks, Pete, for sharing these pictures with me and the entire Hoppers Fan community. Your photographs this year have inspired me to put a nice lens on my Christmas list so I can be prepared to take great pictures like this next year.

Hope to see a lot of familiar faces at the ballpark in Hickory tomorrow night.

Join the conversation by leaving a comment — what are you thinking? Which of these pictures is your favorite?

See ya at the ballpark!
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  1. catherine

    all of those pictures are terrific. Each one capturing an important part of the game last night. Still have smile on my face about it. Looking forward to Friday night’s contest. Have fun at the ball park all you HoppersFan(s)!

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