One More Trip To Kannapolis

I’m getting ready to take one more trip down to Kannapolis to (hopefully) watch the Grasshoppers do battle with the Intimidators. I say “hopefully,” because there is a lot of rain in the forecast, due to tropical storm Lee. It’s going to come down to the results of two games and the weather. Jeff Mills describes the possibilities in a story in today’s News & Record: Grasshoppers’ playoff drama full of variables. Fortunately, most of the possible outcomes have the Hoppers in the playoffs. But not all of them do, so it’s going to be a tense day watching the game and watching the league scoreboard.

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See ya at the ballpark!
Twitter: @HoppersFan



  1. Meredith Cohoon

    Hopefully, the Hoppers will make the play-offs and I’ll get to go to another baseball game in Greensboro on Wednesday… this time with a guilt-free conscience!

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