Hoppers Split Doubleheader Against Intimidators (8/3/2011)

Today the Greensboro Grasshoppers split a doubleheader against the Kannapolis Intimidators. We’re getting closer to a playoff spot, but we’re not yet close enough. Bill on Baseball has a great recap explaining where we are and what we need to do: Hopper lead one race, trail another. In short, If we win the final two games of the season, we’re in. If we only win one of them, we’re in via wild card as long as Hickory stays on top.

I borrowed a telephoto lens from my friends Chris and Stacy for the game, and it’s addictive. I ended up taking over 300 high-quality pictures, and it is taking hours to get them downloaded from my camera to the computer. Since it’s 1:20AM as I write this and I need to play guitar at church tomorrow, I’m going to keep this short. Here’s one of my favorite pictures from the first game. It’s Kyle Winters warming up. Kyle was credited with the win for the first game.

Kyle Winters Warming Up

Here’s another picture that I think came out well. It’s Mark Canha on deck.

Mark Canha On Deck

I’ve got loads more pictures. Once I sort them out and throw away the ones that just came out bad, I’ll post more.

There was a good showing of Greensboro fans at the game. I’m going back for tomorrow’s game. The announcer said there will be a team autograph session before the game, so I hope to get most of my Kannapolis cards signed.

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See ya at the ballpark!
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  1. catherine

    Very exciting listening to the games today. The 2nd game was disappointing but we are just thrilled with Kyle’s start. Hopefully, he will have another 1 or 2 before the sesaon ends, but if not, not a bad way to end the season for him. Thanks for the excellent picture of Kyle–I have forwarded your blog post to the “Kyle Winters Listening Network”. I am sure they will all enjoy seeing it.

    Have fun at the ballpark on Sunday and GO HOPPERS!

    • Greg

      Thanks! I’ve got a load of Kyle pictures. Playing with the addictive telephoto lens, taking pictures of the pitcher going through the sequence was the most fun. Keep an eye out for when I post some more….

      The 2nd game was rough, but it was great that the Hoppers took one of the games. It’s really boiling right down to the end, which makes it that much more exciting. 😀

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