Is That A Playoff Spot Within Reach?

I wasn’t able to head down to to Kannapolis for last night’s Greensboro Grasshoppers game against the Kannapolis Intimidators. I’m planning on being there tonight, and throughout the weekend.

I did, however, get to listen to the last few innings online. It sounds like the Hoppers benefited from Intimidators errors for 3 of the runs they gained in their 6-2 victory. Having been on the committing side of errors in the past, it’s nice to be on the benefiting side. What’s really nice is that this win really puts a playoff spot that much closer. There are four games remaining. If I understand the playoff mathematics correctly, the Hoppers can win the division outright by winning 3 of the remaining games, no matter what the other teams in the division do. Obviously, that’s the best way to win — when you are in control of all the variables. Another possibility for a playoff spot requires the Hoppers to win 2 of the remaining games and Hickory win the 2nd half.

Here’s my suggestion: let’s sweep the Kannapolis series and make a definitive statement.

Recent posts at Bill on Baseball describe the playoff mathematics in more detail: Hoppers close the gap and Down to the wire. Be sure to check them out for a detailed look at the playoff scenarios and some insight from the players and managers about what it’s like to be this strong at the end of the season.

If you’re going to be at any of the Kannapolis games between now and Monday, let me know — I’d love to say “hi” to another fan while visiting another team’s home turf.

See ya at the ballpark!
Twitter: @HoppersFan


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