Hoppers Win Unscheduled Double Header (8/25/2011)

History was made at Newbridge Bank Park last night, when the Greensboro Grasshoppers went nineteen innings against the West Virginia Power for the longest game ever played at the park. At nineteen innings, it was like going to a double header. Considering that double headers are shortened games at seven innings, it was almost like going to a triple header. The Hoppers were victorious. Check out the official box score and the game recap for the details. I’m sure Bill on Baseball will have something to say about it soon, too.

I only took one picture last night, and it didn’t come out well, but here’s the winning run about to reach base. This occurred over five hours into the game, at a little after midnight.

Noah Perio's Winning Run

That’s Noah Perio coming into home well ahead of the throw on a Christian Yelich hit in the bottom of the 19th, to push the Hoppers ahead 5-4.

It was very, very cool to be at that game. By the time the game was over, there were probably more players on the field than there were fans in the seats. It didn’t help that it started raining sometime around the twelfth and didn’t let up until about the seventeenth. It wasn’t hard, slightly more than a drizzle, but it was persistent. Kudos to the grounds crew for keeping the field playable through the rain and to the umps for not calling a delay. That would have been extra crazy.

Because of the rain, I quit keeping score sometime around the thirteenth because my book was starting to get too wet. Also, the Power made a few defensive substitutions that were difficult for me to keep up with, including moving their second baseman to pitcher. So I’m going to study the official recap and finish my scorecard later.

I’ve got conflicts for the next three games, but I hope the Hoppers keep tearing it up while I can’t be there. I’m looking forward to getting back to the ballpark Monday for the last two home games.

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