NewBridge Bank Park Review

I recently received an email from Paul Swaney at Stadium Journey letting me know that their website posts reviews of minor league stadiums. Earlier this year, they posted a review of the Grasshoppers stadium and he thought my readers might be interested in their review of the park. I think he’s right.

The one thing the reviewer missed in the food and beverage section is a mention of the best deal in the ballpark: Taylor Made Kettle Corn. This stuff is delicious, and you can get a huge bag (big enough for the family to share) for under five bucks. Perhaps the reviewer was lumping it in with the “various flavors of popcorn” comment, but the kettle corn is in a category all to itself. Trust me. Try it next time you’re at the ballpark and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s a great review, and I encourage everyone to go check it out — Stadium Journey: NewBridge Bank Park.

See ya at the ballpark!
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    • Greg

      The kettle corn was new to the park last year. It’s been here all year — I remember getting a bag on opening day, but on particularly humid days he’ll sometimes stay home because the humidity messes up the corn.

      Could be that Pat wasn’t out the day the reviewer was there….

  1. patrick taylor

    I want to take a moment to thank you Greg for your support of the Grasshoppers and Taylor made Kettle Corn. It is nice to read nice things about a business I truely care about. Even though I should sell my product instead of giving it away so I can watch the games.. Bill Gates of Kettle Corn I’m not. Thank you once again for spending your hard earned money on my corn. GO GRASSHOPPERS… Playoffs then Championship… God willing.

    • Greg

      I can’t say enough how much I love your kettle corn. It’ll be great to see you at the park next week when they Hoppers are playing some championship games! ūüėČ

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