Hoppers Continue To Fall Apart Against the Sand Gnats (7/31/2011)

The best thing about tonight’s Greensboro Grasshoppers game against the Savannah Sand Gnats was watching Joe Bonadonna pitch. That’s right, Joe Bonadonna (who is listed on the roster as an infielder, but seems capable of playing pretty much any position on the field) took the mound in the ninth inning and managed to get out of the inning only facing three batters. Prior to pitching, he spent the game at shortstop. While he walked the first batter he faced, that batter was subsequently retired on a double play. The third batter flew out to right fielder Marcell Ozuna. Bonadonna was OK on the mound. While one of his pitches didn’t even make it to the plate, he threw several good looking knuckleballs.

Joe Bonadonna Pitching

Joe Bonadonna Pitching

Sadly, watching Bonadonna pitch was almost the only enjoyable thing about watching the Hoppers play today. I say “almost,” because Noah Perio treated us to a triple on his first at bat. That was it. Offensively, the Hoppers couldn’t get anything going, scoring only one run on four hits. The pitching from Tom Peale (giving up 6 runs on 7 hits in 3 1/3 innings), Holden Sprague (also giving up 6 runs on 7 hits in 3 1/3 innings), and Jordan Connley (giving up 1 run on 1 hit) was completely uninspired. Connley seemed so unhappy with his performance that he left the field for the clubhouse immediately after Bonadonna’s outing, with a half inning still left to play.

Check out the official box score and game recap to see the horror in detail.

To add insult to injury for the fans, we had to suffer through 2 rain delays while enduring this poor performance from the team. The first rain delay, lasting about 45 minutes, occurred immediately after Peale threw his warm-up pitches in the first inning — the first batter didn’t even enter the batter’s box. The 2nd delay, lasting about 20 minutes, occurred somewhere around the 3rd inning. By that point, I was hoping for a monster storm to come through and cause the game to be called, as it was already obvious that the Hoppers were going to take a loss if the game went long enough to be official.

Waiting Out The Rain Delay

Waiting Out The Rain Delay

I didn’t get to the ballpark early enough today to get any autographs. Attendance was extremely low, but most of the regulars that I see every game were there, and I talked to just about everyone I knew. Even with the poor performance from the team and the annoying weather, the evening turned out to be enjoyable due to all the friends I got to hang out with.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got. The Hoppers take to the road. They’ll be back in town on the tenth. I hope they’re back on their game by then.

Here’s my scorecard for tonight. It’s probably full of mistakes. But I don’t really care about this one.

Hoppers (1) vs Sand Gnats (13)

Hoppers (1) vs Sand Gnats (13)

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  1. catherine

    Oh my gosh. Sounds awful. Just got home from our big church/school bazaar fund raiser–lots of fun there but shocked by the Hoppers poor performance. Here’s to hoping,like you, that they get it together on the road. Haven’t spokento Kyle in a couple days but the last I spoke to him he said he will start on Tuesday. Hope so, we will be listening in.

    • Greg

      Cool. I read on Bill Hass’ blog that Kyle threw thee innings of a simulated game Saturday and looked good. I hope he’s back in the rotation soon, and gets a spot for one of the games next homestand. We can definitely use the help with our pitchers now. These last two games against the Sand Gnats were just terrible, especially after the first two games were awesome.

      But that’s how baseball works, isn’t it? 🙂

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