Hoppers Need Some Wins

The Grasshoppers return to the ballpark tonight with a desperate need to pick up some wins. They were swept by Kannapolis in the last home stand. They managed to only lose one of the four games agains Savannah on the road, and that brings their current record to 9-9. That’s fifth (out of seven) in the standings, three games out of first. It’s too early in the 2nd half to be falling behind like this. The team really came close to winning the first half, and it would be great if they could buckle down and win the 2nd half. It’s been a long time since the team’s been in the playoffs, and it’s time for them to get back in there.

Fortunately, the current series is against Charleston, which should serve to give the Hoppers a boost, as Charleston is a pretty weak team. I’m not taking anything for granted, though.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be at the ballpark tonight. I’m way to behind at my day job to be able to afford the time right now. I’m hoping to get caught up enough to be able to make it to tomorrow’s game guilt-free.

Bill Hass has been writing some good blog entries about the team lately. Check out the matched set demonstrating how quickly things can change in baseball: “Firecracker hot” and “Iceberg cold.”

Good luck, boys!

See ya at the ballpark! (But not tonight.)
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