Hoppin’ Hits With Jim Night At The Hoppers Game

The Hoppers announced on their Facebook page that Friday, June 24 is “Hoppin’ Hits With Jim Night” at the ballpark. We’re playing the Hagerstown Suns that night, and there already appears to be a trend to “honor” Bryce Harper, who blew a kiss to our pitcher after hitting a home run, by suggesting songs with the word “kiss” in their title.

After the incident with the kiss, the Hoppers retaliated the best way possible: by winning. This next home stand against the Suns will be the first time we play them in Greensboro since the incident. I think it will be a great way to welcome Harper back to Greensboro by letting him know that the fans here don’t appreciate his on-field antics.

So I encourage you to head over to the FaceBook post and suggest your favorite kiss-related song. Maybe the Hoppers will decide to use these suggestions every time Harper walks up to bat during this series, not just on the 24th.

See ya at the ballpark!
Hoppers Fan on Facebook


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