The Pennant Race Is On, And The Hoppers Are Still Strong

The Hoppers are doing what they need to be doing: winning. After yesterday’s loss, things got tense again. Tonight, they seem to have risen to the occasion and toppled the Kannapolis Intimidators (in Kannapolis) 4-0.

Even better, Hagerstown’s doing what we need them to be doing, too: losing. They fell to Delmarva earlier tonight. The 2nd game of their double-header appears to currently be in progress. As of now, Hagerstown is 1.5 games behind us, in 2nd place.

Unfortunately, one team is not cooperating: Hickory. They won tonight, and that has them tied with us for first. The rest of their games are against Charleston, which is an easier team to beat than Kannapolis, who we’re playing for the rest of the first half.

So we’ll see. The best thing the Hoppers can do is keep winning. It’s a tight race for the top, and everyone’s going to do what they can to get there.

I’m tentatively planning on going down to Kannapolis for tomorrow evening’s game, and maybe get a friendly voice for the Hoppers on the field. Depending on how things go, I might make it to Sunday’s game as well.

See ya at the ballpark!
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