GSO v DEL Game 2 (4/16/2011)

Despite an 8th inning rally, the Hoppers fell to the Shorebirds again, 5-6. Even so, it was still another fun day at the park, capped off by fireworks.

New at the @HoppinFun ballpark this year: The Dog Pound. Feat... on TwitpicI’m still learning about some of the new things at the park this year. They’ve added a lot of new concessions. Last time, I enjoyed the BBQ. This time, I visited the Dog Pound, where they have several “exotic” styles of hot dogs available. Ever since I had my first Chicago Dog a few years ago, I became a fan. So I’m glad to see that the Hoppers are including a Chicago Dog in the Dog Pound (click the thumbnail on the right to embiggen).

Another new addition to the ballpark is a live organist instead of only canned music. I noticed him on Opening Day, and really liked the extra touch he brings to the games. Before this game, I stopped to chat with him a little bit and told him how much I appreciated having him here. His name is Bruce Michaels, and as the local news says, he’s the man behind the music at NewBridge Bank Park. When he’s not playing at the ballpark, he teaches piano. I’m definitely looking forward to more from him as the season goes on. Check out the story the local news did on him:

The Sausage Race was won by Hot Sausage between 5 and 6:

Sage Sausage, the perpetual loser, didn’t run. In her place was Hot Hot Sausage.

Season Stats For Games I’ve Seen:
Country Sausage: 1 win
Hot Sausage: 1 win
Hot Hot Sausage: 0 wins
Sage Sausage: 0 wins

My rally cap was also useless, so it falls to a 0-2 record for the season.

These first few games, I’m writing more about the ballpark experience, as I’m still getting used to the new players. I’ll probably start writing more about the players and the game itself soon. For now, check out the official box score and game recap for details about the game play.

See ya at the ballpark!
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