GSO v WVP (6/25/2010)

Hoppers Haiku
Come from behind wins
are so exciting and fun
and make great drama.

Welcome back, Hoppers Fans fans! It’s been pretty dry in this blog for over two weeks. I got behind on writing about games, then I got really busy at my job that provides a paycheck, and to make it even more frustrating, the home stand that started Thursday was the first time in almost two weeks that the Hoppers were at home. I missed the Thursday night game, but I was at last night’s game against the West Virginia Power and was thrilled to have baseball back in the city!

I’ll just go ahead and say it. My rally cap takes total credit for yesterday’s win. I don’t remember what inning I put the cap on, but I’m sure I had it on by the sixth inning, when the Hoppers were losing 6 to 1. In the seventh inning, the Hoppers scored a second run, but they really got on fire in the eighth inning, where they scored six runs. The final score was six to eight, in favor of the Hoppers. It’s was another great game to watch — come from behind wins are always dramatic, and it’s nice when it’s the home team that is securing the win. This means that with two wins in the 2nd half of the season, the Hoppers are undefeated and continue to hold the top spot on in the SAL Northern Division standings for the second half of the season. (They share that spot with the Lakewood Blueclaws.) Curtis Peterson started the game, and allowed four of the six Power runs in four and two-thirds innings of pitching, with two of those runs being in fifth inning before he was pulled and a third one scoring from a runner he allowed on base before he was pulled. When Natividad Dilone took the mound from Peterson, the bases were loaded. He walked the first batter he faced (sending in a run that was charged against Peterson). The inning was thankfully over when the next batter grounded out. The final two runs the Power scored came in the sixth inning with Dilone on the mound. Dilone keep the Power scoreless through the seventh, and when Ramon Benjamin took the mound to close in the eighth, he only allowed a single batter to take a base, delivering what appeared to be three easy outs, two of which were strikeouts. I really want Peterson to emerge as a great starting pitcher, but I’m not seeing it yet. He always seems to come out doing well for about four innings, where he just kinda falls apart. I hope he’ll continue to work on his stamina and be able to stay in the games for more innings before being pulled.

I forgot to bring my fancy camera to the ballpark, but I took a few pictures with Camera+ on my iPhone and applied the filter that makes it look that you took a picture of a tiny model instead of real life (click to embiggen):

Tiny Ballpark
Tiny Ballpark at Dusk

Before the game started, I spent some time chatting with my friend Pat at the Taylor Made Kettle Corn booth. With the drought of home games, it had been about two weeks since we chatted. He hooked me up with a bag of delicious kettle corn for the evening and we caught each other up on what we’ve been up to the past couple of weeks. The short version is that it’s been a tough couple of weeks for both of us, and we’re both glad to be back in the park for some Hoppers home games. I can’t recommend the Taylor Made kettle corn enough — Pat’s a great guy, the kettle corn is delicious, and the prices are amazing. A small bag of kettle corn lasts me the entire ballgame, and a large bag can easily be shared by several people. The best part is that anything you don’t finish at the ballpark, you can take home and enjoy since it doesn’t tend to go stale for a couple of days. Just seal it up in some tupperware or something and snack on it for a few days. It’s good, good stuff.

Promotion Results
Susage Race (between 1st and 2nd): won by Country Sausage. Sage had the lead until she reached third base, where she stopped to drink a glass of water offered to her by one of the pitchers in the Hoppers bullpen. Will she ever win?
Sumo (in middle of 2nd): won by Red Sumo

Check out the complete recap and box score on the Hoppers site. Additionally, I’ve noticed that they are now providing a “Game Story for the games, which is a great little recap of the game as well.

I used iScore to score the game. Here’s how I had it (click each picture of the scoresheet to embiggen):

GSO v WVP Game 2 - 6:24:2010 (GSO)
GSO v WVP Game 2 - 6:24:2010 (WVP)
GSO v WVP Game 2 - 6:24:2010 (Pitchers)

In about an hour, I’m headed back to the ballpark. They’ve got Myron Noodleman scheduled for tonight, which should prove to be great entertainment. I’ll try to remember to bring my camera this time. And fireworks! Friday and Saturday games have fireworks — last night’s show was awesome, and I’m looking forward to another great display tonight.

See ya at the ballpark!


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