GSO v LAK Game 3 (4/26/2010)

Easter Eggs

The Greensboro Grasshoppers played their third game against the Blueclaws last Monday, and I was back in my seat to enjoy it. Sadly, the Hoppers lost 8-6, but as long as I don’t think about the grand slam that Adam Buschini of the Blueclaws hit in the 5th, I’ll remember the game fondly. As is my usual custom, I got to the ballpark as soon as the gates were scheduled to open — an hour before the game starts. I like being able to settle into the stadium with plenty of time before the first pitch. It lets me write down the starting line up for scoring. It lets me get any snacks I want to get. It lets me get an autograph from the player at the autograph booth — I got Kyle Jensen’s autograph before this game. I was even more excited to get to the ballpark early this time — I found two baseballs before going inside! They were in the street near the Eugene Street entrance. One of them was actually in the middle of the Eugene/Lindsay intersection, and the other was in the gutter nearby. I parked in one of the parallel parking spots right by the gate and booked over to the balls and snatched them up.

Promotion Results
Sumo (between 2nd and 3rd): won by Red Sumo
Sausage Race (between 8th and 9th): won by Country Sausage

I used my buddy’s telephoto lens to grab a few photos. I think a couple of the mound conferences I captured came out pretty cool:

Hoppers Mound Conference

Blueclaws Mound Conference

Once again, I used iScore to score the game. Here’s how I had it (click each picture of the scoresheet to enbiggen):

GSO v LAK Game 3 - 4:26:2010 (GSO)

GSO v LAK Game 3 - 4:26:2010 (LAK)

GSO v LAK Game 3 - 4:26:2010 (Pitchers)

All of my pictures from the game are on Facebook.

Check out the box score and full recap at the Hoppers website.

See ya at the ballpark!


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