GSO v LAK Game 1 (4/24/2010)

The Hoppers were back in Greensboro last night for the first game of an 8 day homestand. And they won! WooWoo! I was out of town for a few days and got back in town just in time to get to the ballpark before the game started. It rained (sprinkles, mostly) for almost the entire game, but the grounds crew did a great job of keeping the field playable, both teams and the umpires did a good job of keeping the action moving, and most of the fans sought shelter under the upper decks to enjoy the game. All in all, it turned out to be a fine night for baseball.

Hoppers Haiku
Last night was baseball
and the Hoppers brought their game
securing a win.

Presenting The Colors

Before the National Anthem was sung, the colors were presented on the field. They stayed on the field during the singing and then were retired from the field. Jim, the announcer, asked everyone to show respect to the colors until they had exited the field, and I was really pleased to see that everyone remained standing and quiet until the flag was retired.

The game itself was generally a good example of smart baseball. The Hoppers had pretty consistent pitching from starter Bryan Evans (after hitting the 2nd batter he faced with a pitch, anyway) who pitched for five innings only allowed one run. Middle reliever Natividad Dilone pitched for 3 innings and also allowed one run. Closer Alejandro Ramos shut down the ninth inning 1-2-3 with outs that were all garnered as a result of nice fielding plays. The BlueClaws used 4 pitchers throughout the contest, pitching 2.1, 2.2, 1.0, and 2.0 innings each. All four Hoppers runs were earned against the first two BlueClaws pitchers.

Promotion Results
Sausage Race (between 1st and 2nd): won by Country Sausage
Sumo (middle of 2nd): won by Blue Sumo

I don’t know if other teams do this or not, but the Hoppers like to have fun with the opposing batters. For example, last night, whenever BlueClaws right fielder Domingo Santana came up to bad, his walk up music was taking from Carlos Santana’s Black Magic Woman. They also put interesting pictures on the scoreboard for batters who share a name with celebrities. Last night, BlueClaws catcher Sebastian Valle was honored with mug shots of two other “Sebastians” (click each picture to enbiggen):

Sebastian The Crab?

Sebastian Bach?

Yeah, that’s Sebastian the Crab from The Little Mermaid and Sebastian Bach from Skid Row (my wife had to identify that one for me). Fun times with the visiting team.

Once again, I used iScore to score the game. Here’s how I had it (click each picture of the scoresheet to enbiggen):

GSO v LAK Game 1 (LAK)

GSO v LAK Game 1 (GSO)

GSO v LAK Game 1 (Pitchers)

All my pictures from the game are on Facebook.

And now it’s time to head back to the ballpark for today’s game. The rain has cleared up a bit, so I’m hoping they can get a great game in without any problems with the weather.

See ya at the ballpark!


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