GSO v DEL Game 3 (4/14/2010)

I didn’t go to GSO v DEL Game 2 (4/13/2010) because I went to the Grand Opening of the Winston-Salem Dash stadium, where I watched the Dash fall apart over the course of 12 innings to capture a loss.

Hoppers Haiku
Surrounded by kids
makes a game interesting
in different ways.

GSO v DEL Game 3 was the first day game for the 2010 Hoppers. I went in to the office earlier than I normally do so that when I took a really long lunch to watch the game, I’d still be putting a full day in at the office. In addition to being the first day game of the year, it was the first of two School Days at the ballpark. As a result, the stands were filled with sixth graders from Guilford County

Stands Full Of School Days Sixth Graders

It was a wonderful day for a game. It was a little chilly, but I snagged my wife’s Hoppers Fleece Jacket before heading to the ballpark, and that made it perfect. Watching the game with so many kids in the park was pretty cool. Lots more balls got thrown in the stand from the field. It seemed like all the players and coaches wanted to give as many kids as possible a souvenir ball from the game. I helped teach some of the kids sitting behind me a little bit about how the game works. They seemed interested, and I was happy to help shed some light on the mechanics of play.

Promotion Results
Sumo (between 2 and 3): Won by Blue Sumo
Sausage Race: I can’t find my notes on who won, but I can assure you that Sage Sausage lost

As far as the game itself went, the Hoppers lost 9-4. The Shorebirds got on the board in the 4th with 3 runs and added 2 runs each in the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings. The Hoppers didn’t get on the board until the 8th, where they got all 4 of their runs.

For this game, I started using an application on my iPhone to score the game: iScore Baseball Scorekeeper. This app is amazing. It makes it easy to record details about every pitch in the game, then creates an accurate scorecard for each team. The only downside I’ve found so far is that it is a battery hog, but with everything that it does, I’m not surprised. I’ve learned a few battery management tricks that I think will serve to make sure that I’m able to score a full game without running out of juice. In addition to creating a scorecard, the app makes it possible to create a “gamecast” for the entire game, available on the web for anyone to watch. You can “watch” the games I scored at my page. Here are the scorecards from the game (click each picture to enbiggen):

GSO v DEL Game 3 (04:14:2010) - DEL

GSO v DEL Game 3 (04:14:2010) - GSO

GSO v DEL Game 3 (04:14:2010) - Pitchers

All my pictures from the game are on Facebook.

See ya at the ballpark!


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