Hoppers Win! GSO v AUG 4/11/2010

Hoppers win today!
And happy birthday, Guilford!
Great day for baseball.

Another busy day means I’m too tired to really write about today’s game. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the above Hoppers Haiku.

Highlights today: meeting another season ticket holder and talking about scoring games, watching the Augusta starting pitcher (Zack Wheeler, #45) walk about a bazillion Hoppers before being pulled out in the first inning after retiring only 2 batters, and hanging with some of my friends for the 2nd half of the game. Oh, yeah. Also the first Hoppers win of 2010! The pre-game festivities were rather cool, too. They included the opportunity to play catch on the field, a parade by the Kernersville Little League, and a kickball game where all the players were mascots from other teams (celebrating the birthday of Guilford the Grasshopper, our mascot).

Also, it was nice to not be putting my rally cap on today. Great job, Hoppers!

Tomorrow, they start a new series against Delmarva Shorebirds. Let’s hope they can take the momentum from today’s win and channel it into some good playing and a win tomorrow.

See ya at the ballpark!


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