Hoppers Haiku: GSO vs AUG 4/10/2010

I’m too tired to write a full review of tonight’s game. Maybe tomorrow. Instead, I’m going to introduce a new feature to the Hoppers Fan blog: Hoppers Haiku.

We just want a hit
and we finally get one
in bottom of ninth.

Yeah, B. J. Salsbury held us hitless for six innings. The reliever kept the no-no going through the seventh and the eighth. It wasn’t until Chad Cregar (who might have the best walk-on music on the team) singled in the bottom of the ninth that the spell was broken. The Hoppers ended up scoring 2 runs in the ninth, which wasn’t anywhere near enough to overcome the 8 runs Augusta had. The Hoppers lost 8-2.

Tomorrow’s another day. I’m crossing my fingers. Even if the Hoppers can’t manage to win, at least I’ll leave the park with a fleece blanket, ’cause they’re giving them away to the first 1500 fans.

See ya at the ballpark!


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